Top 5 Highlights about the New Super Mario Bros U

The Nintendo Wii U and various games are nearing their inevitable release dates. Both the system and the game are supposedly going to be released in the final quarter or this year, possibly November. But, we must first take a look at the Top 5 highlights of the New super Mario bros U, which we all know is one of the staple games.

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AO1JMM2289d ago

Cannot wait to play this game.

remanutd552289d ago

same thing over and over and over again, generation after generation after generation after generation, i grew tired of playing the same thing, it was fun on the 64 days not anymore to me. i want NEW experiences nintendo not the same crap again

kingofe32289d ago

A 2D Mario wasn't even released on the 64 or the Gamecube.

omarzy2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

5 Super Mario games on a home console since super Mario 64. 5 games in 16 years is not what people call the same thing generation after generation. New Super Mario Bros Wii was the last 2D Mario game on a Home console since 1995. People really exaggerate the number of Super Mario Bros. games.

dark-hollow2289d ago

dont you got tired from repeating the same crap?

remanutd552288d ago

lol yes im getting tired but you know what guys, i have made up my mind and i will get the Wii U on launch day, i have a feeling Nintendo will deliver the games i want to play, anyways see you guys online.

Infernostew2289d ago

Nintendo needs to come up with better names for games.... SNES = Super x, N64 = x64, Wii = x wii, now xU... come one nintendo...

Jirachi2289d ago

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet." William Shakespeare

ChickeyCantor2289d ago

I really don't like the music.
I'm an avid VG-music lover, but I still can't get used to the theme for this mario game.

I think SMB2: USA, SMB:3 and SMW/SMW2:YI had far better music.

Gr812288d ago

I still don't understand why they don't give a game like this the proper production values. Its insulting actually. I remember the days when 2D Mario was given the royal treatment, it was the flagship Nintendo title, and treated as such.

Now they treat it like an abused step child, they will make it because they know it will sell hardware, but don't really show they give a damn about expanding the content of the game.

Additionally, this is 2012, where is my online multiplayer for this game? I don't give a god damn about Miiverse 'tweets' I want to play with friends and strangers who don't live close to me any more. Its completely unacceptable as far as I'm concerned.

Oh well.

TruthbeTold2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

The music doesn't seem as great as past games. I agree. What bugs me more than anything else though about this game is that after Mario Kart Wii, this game will be the major doorway to 'Mii's' invading waaay too many Nintendo games. Graphics are by no means everything, but any decision to include Mii's in a game is pretty much a decision to use undetailed graphics (relatively speaking).

I don't want Mii's in Smash Bros, and platformers, and the Nintendoland version of Zelda (since that's probably the only HD Zelda we'll get until 2015), etc.

This is getting worrisome, and annoying. Mii's are fine and good. But the bottom line to me is that they are a very shallow avatar experience, and even deep avatar experiences have no place in the actual gameplay of an HD game that developers want to be taken/supported seriously.

ChickeyCantor2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

The visuals in this game are decent. And I wasn't expecting something big. Hell I bet this game had a little budget that is suppose to translate into billions.

But saying they won't be taken seriously is pretty much a stretch. Wii wasn't even up there with the Ps3 and 360 and those games did well. Regardless of the visuals. So far I've only seem them in party games. Not even New Super Mario bros Wii had them included. It's pretty much irrelevant.

Sure Wii U shows Super Mario bros Mii. But considering their Wii games, it doesn't mean they will put them in every game. ( We still don't know if it is confirmed for NSMBWiiU, all we know it was used for a tech demo at first)

TruthbeTold2288d ago

As long as any time they include it, the Mii thing is just a side mode/add on that doesn't interfere with the main game and how they went about creating it I don't mind at all. I'd much rather not have them included though unless it's of course a Wii sports/Sports Resort type of thing. Though perhaps that's just me though I guess.

Regarding the music, is it Koji Kondo? If so, maybe he's in a little bit of a rut. He's an all-time great imo.

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