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GP: "Everyone loves monkeys, right? But give one a bomb and you may get some rather explosive results (pardon the pun). You'd also get Renegade Kid's latest game, a new eShop puzzler appropriately called Bomb Monkey. Luckily, the titular character is not destructive for mischevious reasons; rather, he's a participant in an in-game sport called Blok Bombing.

The goal of the game is rather simple - toss bombs at blocks that rise up from the bottom of the jungle floor (or bottom of the screen in our case) in an attempt to destroy them, all the while making sure that they don't rise high enough to knock you off of your perch. But is this your typical falling blocks puzzle game, or is there more to it than meets the eye?"

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MultiConsoleGamer2339d ago

Any game that features a monkey is automatically good.

GamePodunk2339d ago

I agree with this as well.

live2play2339d ago

and single system 2 player mode

both can play on a single 3ds

and the game is alot of fun