1up - Metacritic Presents Real Problems for the Industry

1up - Relying on average review scores is an issue for everyone.

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MultiConsoleGamer1922d ago

I'm not commenting about the issue of Metacritic as it relates to the gaming industry.

However, IGN just did this same piece just a few days ago. So either can't think of their own material, or someone has an agenda against Metacritic.

BTW, I never use Metacritic. I know which reviewers I trust and I stick with them.

Tony-A1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

Yeah, seriously, why the sudden backlash against Metacritic? Kinda random.

JoySticksFTW1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

Tinfoil hats all around, because I immediately thought the same thing. That Metacritic ticked some people off.

Metacritic was like "NO, Microsoft!! I've been found out!! People are noticing me screwing with review averages; leaving out positive reviews and stuff. They're gonna pin all of this on ME!! But I ain't going down alone! I want MORE swag. And a bag of money every damn week now; not monthly! Or I'll spill the beans on what you, ign, 1up, and the rest of our little cabal have been up to! I'll tell the WORLD!! Mwahahah!!11!!"

MS was like "Screw that. Leave Sony alone for the time being, and divert all resources to Metacritic. Show them what it means to cross us."

Disagree all you want, but don't say you didn't think it :)

VGchartz better keep going on with the program before we start seeing why VGchartz is ruining the industry articles.

morganfell1922d ago

The backlash is coming from the real problem in the game industry - the press.

digitalkid1922d ago

There are no reviews I can trust after Dragon Age 2 which had 9.5 from reviewers, and was awful! Not even which I trusted most.

Users need a place where they can warn other gamers that product is bad and reviewers are just payed by publisher. You can always read what users have to say and make a decision.

Same with COD, Diablo3, and few others..

Hufandpuf1922d ago

i don't even go on metacritic.

WeskerChildReborned1922d ago

The last time i was on metacritic was the time when i found out the scores were just ridiculous.

sashimi1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

You know what else is a real problem for the industry? low quality biased reviews from websites like ign/kotaku/1up and so many more. Some make an article about that too :P I mean they are the ones adding to metacritic..

1922d ago
TheTwelve1922d ago

I've been using for years now.

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