Player Affinity: Hands-On With The LittleBigPlanet Karting Beta

The LittleBigPlanet franchise takes a different turn with LittleBigPlanet Karting, a kart-racing game that will feel right at home for those familiar with the Play, Create, Share formula. Despite not being original, we here at Player Affinity still had a good time with the LittleBigPlanet Karting beta. It is a solid offering for those itching for a new kart racing game.

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Abash2341d ago

Im having a blast in the LBP Karting beta, so much better than ModNation and very creative

Freak of Nature2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

I agree creative goes hand in hand with MM.....Creativity and style are the first things I think of when I think of Media Molecule...

LBPK is wonderful, fun, and with the create mode the potential for almost endless fun is there...

I also cannot wait to see what they have cooking with there new IP...I can bet it will be the opposite of generic, it will be something outside of the box, stylish and creative...

BXbomber2340d ago

yea im luving the beta, cant wait till the full games comes out.

Chapulin2340d ago

It is awesome. Sleeper hit.

bmxdrury2340d ago

only annoying thing for me was i had to use the code on my US account.wish they did not region block the beta.Downloading right now, hope i can still play on it with my main.

kingPoS2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

I consider myself lucky to even have that option of creating a foreign account. Yes! I too bask in the awesomeness of region free.

r212340d ago

woah the beta is region locked? thats a first. dust 514, starhawk and uncharted betas werent region blocked :L

GribbleGrunger2339d ago

No, it's not region locked. I'm playing the American Beta and I live in the UK.

bmxdrury2339d ago

it worked, i can play on my UK account.

UnitSmiley2340d ago

Guys if you didn't get an invite just keep checking your email. I checked mine just now and got a code :p

Frances-the-Mute2340d ago

Same here, got my key and downloading...

cpayne932339d ago

Ya I only got mine last night, bout to redeem it in a minute.

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