Sometimes You Just Get Tired of Playing Video Games

Kotaku - I've been a huge gamer for the vast majority of my life, some of my oldest and fondest memories are when my older sister got a Sega Mega Drive and we played Sonic the Hedgehog, Ecco the Dolphin, The Lion King and many other games constantly when we were children. I'm 23 now, however lately I've been feeling very distant from gaming, and I can't explain why.

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Megaton2342d ago

Happens to me a couple times a year. I just don't feel like even looking at games.

OpiZA2342d ago

Can definitely relate to this

karlowma2341d ago

Been there many times. I think partly it's due to the availability and ease of access I have to games now, versus when I was a child. I'm not wealthy by any means, but I can (and do) purchase just about every game and console that I want, constantly looking for that "amazing experience" that I remember when I was a kid. The problem is that I don't really feel a commitment to finishing anything anymore. If the game I'm playing just isn't doing it for me, I'll quickly move on, or, if there is something else waiting in the wings, I'll start thinking about that, and want to play it instead.

There are still games that really draw me in. A few in recent years have been Journey, Portal 2, Bulletstorm, Xenoblade Chronicles, Rayman Origins, and The Witcher 2, which I'm playing now.

I think the feeling of fatigue is pretty normal, and a sign of the times, but I do keep looking for, and occasionally find, those rare gems that take me back to my gaming addict heydays.

bahabeast2341d ago

always happens, sometimes i use my ps3 for netflix onli and goes on for weeks at a time untill i find something new or mabe if me and some friends have discution on a game wen i get home im playing it,

ChunkyLover532341d ago

I usually take a break from gaming a few times a year. I'm currently taking a break, during those times I usually catch up on shows or movies that I've missed. I'll eventually make my way back to gaming.

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