Five ways to fix Resident Evil 6

OXM - Resident Evil 6's recent demo was a round disappointment, big on ambition and, well, bigness, but criminally short on insight. We've already treated Capcom to a bit of a tongue-lashing - now, the healing process begins.

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user54670072314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

Heres my 5...

1) Get rid of co-op - This also means get rid of a partner following you around. Structure the story around the idea of your partner going off to do her own thing while meeting up with you later.

2) More Horror - Obvious one...right. There was nothing in the Leon Demo which was scary...OOOOO a scary few flashes of lightning and walking through a dark room...yeah thats scary....NOT. Look at Dead Space from this gen with all the scary crap that made you jump out of your seat in that game or the dog scene in RE1. They need things falling off walls, glass breaking in the background, zombie noises etc.

3) Less characters - I'am so bloody sick of Capcom adding too many hero characters in the RE games. Look at had Leon, Ashley (who was hardly with you), Ada (who took off by her self all the time), Luis (who you met up with a few times) and that was it. Even in the old games you hardly met up with characters, something always happened where you had to go your seperate way.

How many pointless characters do we have in RE6 who really don't need to be in it...Helena, Piers, Jake, hell even Chris since he was in RE5 and Revelations. It really should of been Sherry and Leon and maybe Claire or Rebbeca. This is Leons game this time round so it should of focused on that one character.

If they were bothered by adding characters why not have old fan favorites we havent seen in ages (Barry, Rebbeca, Carlos, Billy) or ones that should be in this game (Jill because Chris goes to a dark place or Claire because Leon and Sherry are both in this game).

4) Stop the over the top action crap - It's getting ridiculous seeing characters do over the top "die hard" crap in the games, things which they barley escape with their lives. It's out of place in this game and looks silly. I know things have happened in past RE games but it wasn't one thing after another in like one scene. They spaced that sort of thing out.

5) Stop turning it into a third person generic shooter - Health regenration, over powered melee kills, small guns which could kill a horde of enemies, a cover system, jumping onto your back while shooting for example...all things which don't belong in RE.

I could go on...but they only listed 5 so I will aswell.

I don't see why one of the things they said was to fix it involved "improving" multiplayer. Are they serious

YxUxNO2314d ago

almost exactly how I feel aside from I would rather Leon not be in the game at all (I'm in the minority that can't stand him and think he's overrated as a character), but otherwise you said pretty much word for word what i would have

Robochobo2314d ago

I'd have a few:

1) Make ammo scarce, this goes all the way back to the second RE in which I happened to find myself out of ammo and only a knife (which didn't help anyway). That's the real point of survival in a game like RE, instead of just shooting everything that moves, you should actually run instead of fight in some situations.

2) No regenerating health, and less herbs. This goes with the survival aspect as well in making the player think to themselves, "If I stay and fight, will I have enough supplies/items for the next room/level?"

3) A better atmosphere! The environments in the demo were detailed, but for a section such as Leons, it failed to inspire fear. Maybe if they added in situations in which you had to hide from an overwhelming force of "Zombies" whatever they are, and feel a tingling of dread as they come nearer and nearer looking for you.

Pozzle2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

I agree with everything you said, except for the Leon part. I think it should be both Leon and Chris' game, where they both start out having separate missions and end up meeting-up somewhere in the middle of the game. Seeing Chris and Leon finally in the same game is pretty cool...I just hope it doesn't end up being fanservice for the sake of fanservice.

I also hope Jake's segment ends up being relevant to the story because at the moment I don't care much for this "new" Wesker. Same goes for Helena and Piers...are they going to have relevance to the plot, or are they just going to be a throw-away sidekick like Jessica (Revelations) and Sheva (RE5) were?

WeskerChildReborned2314d ago

I just want one and that is to bring back survival horror.

Tuxedo_Mask2314d ago

You might as well re-title this "Five ways to fix Resident Evil 7" because 6 is pretty much done and I doubt if they'll go back and change much now.

Digimortal2314d ago

Oh god, they don't need to fix anything as in the gameplay aspect are concerned. The game looks amazing and i cannot wait to get my hands on this sexy game. Being a huge fan since the get go. God damn Capcom release this game now please.

h311rais3r2314d ago

It's not even resident's a generic over the top zombie third person shooter. Plain and simple. Resident evil is supposed to be survival horror. Not l4d

Digimortal2314d ago

Looks Resident Evil to me. I don't give a flying crap about the whole "Survival Horror" aspect. I never did care about that to begin with. If it has the characters and the story is there. It's Resident Evil. Get over it.

Pozzle2314d ago

'Looks Resident Evil to me. I don't give a flying crap about the whole "Survival Horror" aspect. I never did care about that to begin with' now we know what type of auience Capcom are catering too.

ChipChipperson2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

How about just combining the best of the old and new games?

People keep saying, "Bring back the horror!". Things popping out suddenly is not scary, it's just surprising you. You can't say the dog scene from RE1 is scary when you've played the game a 100 times already. It's like F.E.A.R, having things pop up screaming in your face doesn't count as being scared. The way they could make it scary is to just put more zombies on screen. Having the feeling of being overwhelmed by the enemy in numbers. How about having an enemy who watches you. You know, having a creature who observes you and you know it's there, with the both of you waiting for each other.

Have the lack of ammunition like the older games? If they chose to do this, then save it for a new story line with average citizens. That I would not mind. But, it doesn't exactly work with characters who are trained with military tactics and who should know how to place their shots effectively, especially when these characters KNOW what zombies and B.O.W.s are already after being in 2-3 games as the main characters.

Co-op: I don't care if that goes or stays. I would rather they bring back what they did in 2 and 3, with Ada,Sherry, and Carlos, where the characters did co-op-like actions that affected the path you went.

The article mentioned zombie gunmen: You either make it zombies or regular human gunmen, like if you fought a squad like HUNK's or when you fought Nikolai in his helicopter. Gun wielding zombies don't make them feel like they are animalistic beast who want to eat you, they just feel like retarded AI with guns.

Bring back better puzzles, but have them make sense in the environment you are trying to solve it in. RE3 had the best puzzles compared to all other games.

Gun performance: This is where the older games have the newer ones beat. You know exactly what gun is the most effective against which enemy. The new games, you can upgrade a gun to max stats and hold your ground against strong enemies. The older game design is better and this would add to the horror element of knowing the capabilities of your equipment against certain enemy types.