6 Things Call of Duty Could Learn From Spec Ops: The Line

MMGN: Spec Ops: The Line has surprised us all. As our Twitter feeds continue to light up with awed, spoiler-free allusions to the plot, our minds play back over the choices we made, the things we witnessed, and the people we killed during our play throughs.

We can’t help but wonder if other developers have taken note of what Yager have achieved with Spec Ops. There are lessons to be taken away from a game like this, and we’re hoping that the developers behind Call of Duty, the gaming world’s biggest war franchise, are paying attention

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NastyLeftHook02314d ago

how to take more than 5 min a year making a new game.

Robochobo2314d ago

Treyarch has been working on CoD BO2 since BO was released, don't criticize something about it when it's not true.

ThatHappyGamer2314d ago

If they had learned something from BO then they should concentrated more on 'latency & net code' when they tweak the MP.

The PS3 version of BO ran pretty bad compared to 360 version.

GuyThatPlaysGames2314d ago

1 thing CoD learned is that it's wayyyy better than Spec Ops so there is no need to worry that Spec Ops will ever take the throne.

Hufandpuf2314d ago

actually, Black Ops singleplayer was actually pretty good. I was surprised considering I hate the COD series. I'm sure Tre-Arch will be fine in the story department.

CanadianTurtle2314d ago

Wow I actually agree with ALL of these points. Great article, kudos to the editor!

I guess CoD games have this sort of reused formula for it's story modes and characters that its sort of a standard for itself now. I think the only character that had great character development in the history of CoD games was Reznov, and I didn't even like Black Ops lol

Even if the characters and story doesn't stand out much, I feel as if I still have to rent black ops 2 just for the campaign because it looks interesting this time around

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