Halo 4: A Hands-On Preview by a PS3 Journo: My editor thinks he’s funny, but I get the last laugh


"My editor has asked that I, devout Playstation gamer and archbishop of the church of Kevin Butler, preview Halo 4, an exclusive 360 title.

I’d be a tad worried for his sanity, but it’s possible that he was hoping for a fresh look at a series that has been such an ingrained feature of the Xbox for two gaming generations.

Either that or he thought it would be fun to taunt me with a game I will not be able to play on release."

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gaminoz2318d ago

I think they should get a 360-only owner to do the God of War preview :p

WeskerChildReborned2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

Aha that would be funny xD

BadCircuit2318d ago

If they have someone with only a 360!

BadCircuit2318d ago

Halo 4 really is looking great. I thought that without Bungie they would struggle to keep the feel of the originals.

Summons752318d ago

but most of the original developers went over to 343 when it was made...and Frank O'Conner said a multitude of times that they did this to make sure Halo dosen't loose its feel.

Proeliator2318d ago

Oh lawd... what hath OXCGN wrought?! N4G, assemble!

Call them biased!

gaminoz2318d ago

Please don't encourage them...many still think it is a 360 only site.

guitarded772318d ago

The only thing keeping me from loving Halo is the lack of iron sights. I want the left trigger to zoom in on the fly... I don't know if Halo 4 has this feature, but that has been my chief complaint with the Halo franchise. I'm sure purists would disagree, but I think Halo needs it.

Proeliator2318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

OXCGN wrote an article a while back about the death of arena shooters, and it talks about this somewhat.

Halo is one of the last big remnants of the arena shooter, and adding iron sights would kill that. Arena shooters are meant to have players running and gunning, not stopping to aim every time they get into a fight.

Obviously Halo has sniper rifles and the DMR/BR, but because they have scopes, it doesn't really detract from the action. If everything had sights, it would be a totally different game.

guitarded772318d ago

Yeah, I was just googling why it didn't have iron sights and came across a gameinformer interview where it says pretty much what you say.

IHateYouFanboys2318d ago

"I want the left trigger to zoom in on the fly"

think about what youre saying.....

in real life, if you hold a gun WITHOUT a magnifying scope up to your eye, does your view suddenly zoom in? no. no it doesnt.

games that have a zoom whenever you look down the sights of a gun are wrong, unless the gun is equipped with a magnifying scope like an ACOG scope for example. all looking down the sights should do is steady your aim, not zoom in.

in halo you dont need to steady your aim because youre a super soldier who already has steady aim. guns that have zooming scopes - the DMR, sniper rifle, etc - all have "iron sights" because they realistically do zoom in when you look down the scope.

"no iron sights" is literally one of the worst criticisms ive ever heard for any game in history.

spicelicka2318d ago

That shouldn't be a complaint. That's like me saying God of war should be first person. It's not what the game is. Period.

You have to first understand that it's not a "lack" of iron sights. As Proeliator explained, it's an arena styled shooter.

You should really reconsider what you're saying. You're so used to games with iron sights, like cod and battlefield that you immediately wanna jump into halo feeling comfortable with that kind of aiming.

My advice would be to play halo the way it's meant to be played until you get comfortable and good. Then you'll clearly see what i'm talking about.

In halo, when i have a machine gun in my hand and i see an enemy around the corner, my "halo intincts" tell me to imediately press left trigger to throw a grenade UNDER HIS LEGS, to damage his shields, then run stright to him while shooting with the right trigger. And if he's not dead yet, I end it off with a meelee when i reach him.

COD works completely differently because when I see an enemy around the corner, I press left trigger and shoot before he can turn around.

What i've noticed is that when my friends, who don't play halo just COD, see an enemy they intincitvely press left trigger to aim, but instead throw a grenade wayy off target. Obviously that enemy turns around and kills them so they get frustrated.

Next they try shooting an assault rifle from far while standing still, like in COD. And again they get frustrated because there are no iron sights. But they fail to understand that in halo every weapon has a different purpose. In COD and battlefield, you can use most guns from every distance, but in halo that doesn't work.

From far you use a ranged weapon like the DMR or BR, zoom in, and STRAFE with the enemy mimcing his movements. This is another thing that frustrates COD players because they stand still in halo and try to follow the enemy with the right stick instead of strafing.

So you see, it's all about adapting to how the game is meant to be played instead of getting frustrated because it doesn't work with u. Halo does not "need" it cuz it would just be COD with halo skin...

spicelicka2318d ago

and in no way am i downplaying COD or battlefield controls. They're different games, and I play all three so i just know what i'm talking about.

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