3-4 Characters To Be Revealed for Battle Royale: An Interview with Omar Kendall

PlayStation Euphoria Exclusive: During our interview with Omar Kendall, the game director of PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, he revealed that 3-4 Characters will be announced at GamesCom (August 15th-19th). In addition to that, he replied to our questions regarding a beta, why PlayStation All Stars is not a Smash Bros clone, upcoming DLC, SuperBot Entertainment’s origins and how they pick which characters make it to Battle Royale’s roster.

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MySwordIsHeavenly2225d ago

In that podcast, he calls it the PlayStation "VYTA" (Pronounce the Y like "eye")

That's weird...

Cyrisaurus2225d ago

I've heard him pronounce it correctly several times in other videos, it was just a slip up. It happens.

syanara2225d ago

Yea, I live in a town that has "Vitae" in the name so i often get it mixed up.

MySwordIsHeavenly2225d ago

Lol. Alright. That's fine. It just caught my attention. We all slip up. ^_^

majiebeast2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

Im betting on.
Ratchet and Clank

I think Jak and daxter and ratchet and clank will be rivals.

miyamoto2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

Solid Snake or Raiden
Cloud or Sephiroth
Ratchet and Clank

Don't forget Resident Evil characters
Chris, Leon or Claire etc.

Sonic the Hedgehog might also be in who knows?

WillGuitarGuy2225d ago

You're the 4th or 5th comment I've seen that's saying Sonic might be in the game. I'd be great to see him in the game.

WeskerChildReborned2225d ago

Awesome, i atleast hope Ratchet is in the list.

chrispen92225d ago

I know he will. They have a stage dedicated to Ratchet and Clank. How can they not put him in?

WeskerChildReborned2225d ago

Idk, they would be crazy not too xD.

ginsunuva2225d ago

How would they let some tekken dude be in it but not Ratchet? Of course Ratchet is in it. Jak and Sly are here.

Some people... smh

UnitSmiley2225d ago

Want to have Cloud and Sephiroth so badly.

smashcrashbash2225d ago

Ratchet and Clank obviously. Realistic guess: Nariko and Sackboy. Hopefully: Wanderer, Snake, Rayman, Crash and Sir Dan. Unlikely any Capcom or Square Enix characters. Sorry to bring you down but Sora, Cloud, any Resident Evil characters and Sephiroth are very unlikely. Do Square and Capcom seem like the kind of companies that will give Sony any of these characters to use without making them pay through the nose?

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