Why I'm Growing Sick Of Video "Games"

Alex Osborn from GameRevolution writes:

"Maybe I'm crazy and alone in feeling this way, or maybe I'm just pre-maturely turning into an old man, but I'm growing increasingly tired of game-y video games. I'm sure many of you are of the sentiment that gameplay and the level of "fun" you have while playing through a title is of the utmost importance. I however, am of a very different mindset."

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Sev2342d ago

This is a great point. Honestly, I'm looking for a lot more artistic approach in my games, as well.

I recently watched all of the 2012 Oscar nominees for Best Picture. I can easily see why The Artist won. There's nothing else like it, and it's so well done. I kept thinking, that if it were a game, I'd be in love. I wish more games came off that way.

WeskerChildReborned2342d ago

Yea though most games are just for fun, i wouldn't mind for some artistic games or some real emotional type games.

PoSTedUP2342d ago

this is the exact reason i got into JRPG's. but also master pieces like MGS4 are why i still love and have faith in "games".

i think i love everything gaming tho and always will.

Lazy_Sunday2342d ago

I want "Interactive Entertainment" not "Video Games."

NeoBasch2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

As much as I liked The Artist, I thought The Tree of Life was better. Far better actually. I'd consider ToL as one of the best movies of all time. The Descendants was really good too, but the ToL takes the cake. At least for me, but I digress.

I too agree. I'm sick of gamey-games. I know exactly what this guy means. It's called a VIDEO game. Yes, interactivity is important. But people have to consider the presentation and the context they deliver through as well: story, audio, dialog, set design, costume, cinematography, etc. There's a reason why it's a VISUAL medium. There should be more to it than gameplay.

Figure it out, developers, because I'm seriously losing interest in this latest year of games! The only games I care about right now are probably The Last of Us and The Last Guardian. This world needs better competition. I know, I don't care about how many parts you can use to customize an avatar, or what vehicles you can drive, or what guns you can use, or how many faces you can punch. Seriously, it's driving me insane! I can't be the only person here fed up with all of these arcade-y games with little substance. That goes for a lot of MMO's and PVP games as well. Fuck, multiplayer!

Give me a game to care about!

ATi_Elite2342d ago

1. Your PC sucks and you still can't run Crysis!
2. You got bad grades and your dad took away your Xbox 360 and you called the cops and they laughed in your face!
3. Your very Epileptic and Video Games cause you severe seizures.
4. Your 90 year old grandma owns you in COD!
5. You got caught hacking in BF3 and EA Perma Banned you!

Jokes aside!

I too prefer a more artistic and realistic approach to Gaming. Chomping dots and running from ghost was cool back in the day but now i want my games to be Super Immersive making feel like i'm in the Game and leave me fully entertained more so than a Hollywood movie.

When Half Life 2 came out and had the facial expressions and the story made you emotionally connect with the NPC's, that was a great artistic and immersive leap for Gaming.

Sure I've had moments of happiness faking out ghost but nothing compared to the feelings I got watching Mr. Vance die and hearing Alyx cry!

(side note: Dam you Valve I'm ready for PAY BACK)

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dbjj120882342d ago

There's certainly a leap forward in presentation that needs to be made with the leap forward in technology.

ChickeyCantor2342d ago

I might get tons of disgrees. But if you look at "The last of us". So far it's heavily promoted as some cinematic thing. I really don't like this approach. I mean leave the cinematics to be discovered and talk more about gameplay mechanics and what not. Yet most people here think it's the best s..t in video games ever.

Gr812341d ago

I am not a fan of cinematic games. I can't stand when video games attempt to be something more than what they are. They are not Hollywood movies, they are video games.

ChickeyCantor2341d ago


I don't mind them using the awesome technology, but it kinda bothers me that it's really all there is to it. The gameplay looks no other than Uncharted 3. Yet 90% here thinks it's the best sh/t ever. Gameplay wise it's just terrible. I really don't think this will have much replay value. And gameplay wise how long will it take to finish it without the cinematics?

Hicken2342d ago

I think that's called getting older. The games I enjoyed as a kid still hold a certain appeal, but it's just like my taste in all other forms of media: I seem to have developed a liking for things with more depth.

"Gamey" games still have their place, but titles that speak to me on more than just a "fun" level are what I like to play most, now.

from the beach2342d ago

'Gamey-games', lol. Give me a break..

Hicken2342d ago

Thanks for contributing something meaningful to the conversation. I can see how you got those five bubbles.

from the beach2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

Not enough of a 'contributioney contribution'?

Bathyj2342d ago

Oh snap.

You gotta admit, that was funny.

archemides5182342d ago

this is the problem with the new sly cooper, the way it plays is from the ps2 or ps1 era---pointless objectives that have nothing to do with driving the story. "hit this button or that contraption that's there for no reason", with uncharted 3 and last of us among others the medium has moved on to a higher level of integrity.

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Ducky2342d ago (Edited 2342d ago )

... higher level?

Considering SlyCooper is a whimsical platformer, I'm not sure what kind of change you'd be expecting.
Same goes for other games like LPB. You don't need a story in those games to have fun.

In often cases, it's the fun that gets sacrificed for story in those 'higher level' games. UC3's desert for example was a unique experience the first time through, but if you replay the campaign, the same sequence becomes a drag. You manage to add in the unique artistic punch of a movie, but at the same time, you also loose the variability of the gameplay.

archemides5182342d ago

but even the ps3 ratchet and clanks were less "gamey" and story driven than the new sly cooper but even more "whimsical" and varied. and if you are "replaying" uncharted 3, you can just skip that chapter. it is "higher level" because everything is tied together more. there's no reason for something to be called "sly cooper" when it can just be generic mini-gameplay objective + mini-gameplay objective and on and on

xursz2342d ago

^^^ Have you played the new Sly? I know I haven't but I'm damn sure excited to get my hands on it later this year. Not every single game needs to be 'an experience'. Believe me I appreciate games like Heavy Rain and Beyond, which I'm really excited for as well. When every game becomes this 'emotional drama, full blown touch-all-your-senses experience' then people will simply get bored of it and wish things were back to when games used to be about fun, collect coins, loot, solve puzzles, and jump over, through, and under things. Just find a happy medium for yourself and enjoy it, try not to pay attention to things you don't like and support things you DO like. :]

_Aarix_2342d ago

And im sick of games becoming movies they have something like that its called....movies! :0 who would've imagined, You can't game with a movie so why are they turning games like that? Its stupid, GAMEPLAY people, you know, the thing that got you addicted/immersed in the world of that game through the tv screen. Not that hard.

BitbyDeath2342d ago

Were you also upset when video games came about cause board games already existed?
It's called evolution.
Games will always continue to get better.

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