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Five ways Kinect 2 must improve on the original

The almost universal critical panning of Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor was a nail in the coffin for new Kinect experiences. Microsoft's magic eyeball of potential has more or less been boiled down to a Dance Central peripheral. Yes, there are a few gems like Child of Eden and The Gunstringer, but Harmonix seems to be the only developer (including Microsoft) who has crafted a truly lasting classic using the Kinect. If there is any hope for controller-free gaming beyond dancing games, it's going to take a lot of improvements. Here are five ways the Kinect 2 will have to improve on the original. (Dev, Kinect, Microsoft, Next-Gen, Tech)

Holeran  +   1052d ago
Work correctly for a start.
ziggurcat  +   1052d ago
has it even been announced yet or is this just another stupid article theorizing about something that doesn't exist?
Shadonic  +   1052d ago
it works just not for everyone i mean even with steel battalion and other titles theres still people supporting the game and even showing it working for them so it must be something wrong between those it works for and those it dosent. In a video showing steel battalion working really well he has a pretty good setup and goes over his play space and lighting and from what ive seen of kotakus little kinect demonstration space they dont have much space in there. There are games that work and we cant forget about the PC field and the gaming stuff thats been created on the front which overall has been showing what kinect can really do sadly 90% of the haters of kinect are mostly trolls and dont notice these things.
GribbleGrunger  +   1052d ago
That's five words, not five reasons
Holeran  +   1052d ago
But if it would work correctly that would probably make up for all the other problems.
GribbleGrunger  +   1052d ago
A concept that is wrong -- by its very nature -- will never work correctly
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Shadonic  +   1052d ago
works for me >.>
greenpowerz  +   1052d ago
It doesn't work for you because kinect isn't designed to work with your PS3 ;)
edonus  +   1051d ago
Kinect already works correctly.

The biggest improvement kinect needs is people that can play it reviewing it.

Stop believing lies.
Hicken  +   1051d ago
Isn't it supposed to be easy to use? Why, then, are so many people having problems?

If I had a medication on the market, and only about every three out of a hundred people got any effect, I can't really call that successful. "The medicine works fine. It just needs more people that respond to it positively to use it."

That doesn't sound arrogant or, indeed, ignorant, at all...
edonus  +   1051d ago
Kinect is easy to use. People have problems because they dont follow instructions and read directions.

The problem with your example is that you didnt add in the user factor. If only every 3 people out of 100 followed the directions and took 2 pills every 8 hours daily and the rest took 1 pill a day yes your medication is successful. The problem is user error.
Hicken  +   1051d ago
The "user factor" is supposed to be about the same: do it. It's supposed to be this really easy thing for kids and family to use, so why are so many people having trouble?

You keep saying it's "user error," but there shouldn't be much in the way of a learning curve to what's generally billed as a casual-friendly device.
Software_Lover  +   1052d ago
Worked great with Mass Effect 3 for me.
Works great with Kung Fu High Impact for me.
Works great with Kinect Adventures for me.
Gunslinger is great (but my arms hurt like hell afterward)
Fruit Ninja Kinect, even multiplayer, works great for me.
Hole in the Wall works great for me.
Dashboard navigation (voice and hand) works great.

I could list more but the point has been made. Its all in perspective. I completely understand that the kinect is not gonna replace my controller anytime in the foreseeable future, but it does offer pretty good gaming experiences.

Its funny how people claim its a failure because EVERY GAME THAT COMES OUT FOR IT IS NOT A HIT. Well in that case, every console is a failure also.
greenpowerz  +   1052d ago
Works great in most cases. The tech is ahead of its time. It will get better. Doesn't work so good for PS3 fanboys. Dance Central and Kinect sports are colt classics already. My family loves these games and are among our favorites of any game on any console. I love using kinect for non gaming as well. Most kinect hate comes from PS MOVE failure and kinect's console pushing ability.
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Machioto  +   1052d ago
@green what are talking about?the tech is not ahead of its time,Sony and Nintendo both were offered the tech but nin turned it down and Sony put on hold until it got better,move is not a failure as games that support it are coming out(unfinished swan,new counter strike,resident evil chronicles,portal 2 patched,odd world strangers wrath patched)ifyou want more on move new,implementation check out iwaggle3d on youtube or his website with the same name.

Related video
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greenpowerz  +   1051d ago
What the heck are you talking about? What does Sony and Nintendo passing up similar tech that was primitive at the time, have to do with Kinect's success and hate of today? Nintendo being forced to release a new console and Sony in 3rd place and you talk about what they passed up? They don't need people reminding them of their costly mistake lol(not that hardware and their software was anywhere near as advanced as it needed to be to compare)

Nin and Sony passed up years ago when hardware couldn't have made it work to begin with, coming from non software companies that don't know the first thing about complex software lol.
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cstyle  +   1051d ago
We all know the real reason why some here don't like kinect. Its simply because its not for PS3. Sony could never have developed the software for that thing. Its way over their heads. they have a decent R&D but Microsoft's R&D division is 10 times larger and devote more resources to technology like this. Just look at the steady improvements/ updates they release for it.

This is why sony went with a cheaper option in the move. One of Kinects strong points is that you can use it along with xbox live to do voice navigation and hand gestures. Can you imagine using that thing with how hideous PSN overlays look? Its just not built for it. The next version should improve on everything. There won't be hardware limitations holding it back. Overall I think they hit the jack pot with kinect and its a major success. Don't be surprised if sony tries to copy it next gen. That is if they aren't too broke to make any investments in this technology.
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dkp23  +   1052d ago
Just got a kinect for 69.99 refurbished from Frys this weekend.

Surprised how responsive it was as the videos i remember seeing pre-launch looked unresponsive.

Voice recognition to go through apps and searching for contect worked fine. Responsiveness both in daytime and nighttime were pretty much spot on.

No issues here and this was refurbished.

The kinect adventures that came with it however did not read properly, had to install three times to get it to work. Each time the % would go higher and finally installed.
Shadonic  +   1051d ago
well as a kinect owner dude you have to be weary of what reviews you listen too my best advice is to wait like 3 weeks or so before buying a game if there's no demo out and wait until someone posts a video of the thing working because the reviewers these days seem as bias and unbelieving in kinect as 99% of these trolls so just wait until you actually see the game in action and make sure you take notice of there play space and there gestures because a lot of people get really lazy or just plain cant fallow the directions on the screen of how it was intended to be performed you have no idea how many kinect game walkthroughs ive seen with people raising there left arm cursing at the device when the games asking for there right.
dkp23  +   1051d ago
my space is very limited too. Performed great
edonus  +   1051d ago
I hate articles like this because they are full of half truths so they makes sense but also perpetuate the lies.

For instance the distance requirements. The 6-8 ft is what they recommended distance is and is also required by some games but this is taken out of context. Most games are full body game so it needs to see your entire body this doesnt mean kinect is incapable of seeing you if you are closer, it just needs to see what its looking for. If a devs made a game that only needed to see your hands they could have you stand as close as they you want. In Sateel battalion i have seen people set a chair up 3-4 ft away and the game worked perfect.

Voice recognition is fine and software based so with more feedback it will get better and tighter so that kind of a false issue.

Camera resolution is the only real undeniable improvement and they have already shown theyre doing that.

recognizing people in different positions is another half truth because Steel battalion does so does Gunstringer and Kinect star wars. Those are actually the only games stting is suppose to work with. Their are reasons ppl have issues sitting and using kinect Steel battalion is the only one that is 100% geared towards and Fable the journey looks to improve on this as well. Resolution in the camera will help this next gen but it is actually more software based than kinect.

Simply work is just food for the ignorant. kinect works great. i really feel sorry for the people that are missing out on these great games. The funniest thing to me is these people cant even master this kinect and think they are just going to be naturals at a new one. Foolish.
edonus  +   1051d ago
Real ways to improve Kinect from someone that actually know what they are talking about.

1 Higher resolution. The other one said the too be fair but hey its a no brainer.

2 section out more processing power for kinect. The devs have said kinect eats up tons of processing power. That is the reason most games take a hit in the graphics. There was a rumored chip that was suppose to be inside the current kinect that didnt make it in the final product to cut down on costs or raise profits who knows. But rest assured K2 will have ample power at it tips either internal chip or a dedicated portion in the nextbox made specifically for it.

3 Better instructions, honestly should be done now but they really need to do this more. most games you play on kinectare pretty intuitive because they are sports and or simple activities you have done before. In more abstract games like driving a tank or VT, or using the force they really dont instruct you well at all. In Star Wars kinect the reviewers used about 1/3 of the things availabe to them and never learned the proper and advanced attacks, they even totally misinterpreted entire modes. I fear this with Fable the journey as well because they said they want people discover the gameplay.... bad idea these gamers arent the gamers of old you have to give them everything they those type.

4 I personally would like it to be a nicer design, the current design is nice especially in white but a sleeker maybe smaller device would be great.

5 well there really isnt anymore that wouldnt be either an expansion or totally BS so i say optional use integration in to all games.
Nodoze  +   1051d ago
Any core gamer that bought into Kinect is a moron. This was simply Microsoft's me too to troll some of Nintendo's user base.

I sincerely hope there is no Kinect 2 as the intro to Kinect marked the decline of Microsoft's focus on core gamers.
cstyle  +   1050d ago
"Any core gamer that bought into Kinect is a moron. This was simply Microsoft's me too to troll some of Nintendo's user base."

And it worked beautifully. At least they supported it unlike another that promised and didn't come through.

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