The Gaming Industry is Taking our Money &Laughing at Us

'What’s the worst thing about the video game industry? Could it be the fact that the same companies bring out the same game year in, year out? (I’m looking at you, Activision and EA)'

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Subzero2002317d ago

so am i lol im laughing at all the idiots the continue to fund these stupid ass developers by making the same damn game year after year.

NewMonday2317d ago

and some gamers take money by piracy :p

so it evens up in the end

joab7772316d ago

It's a great point. We only have ourselves to blame because we r the ones that steal from them (no, I actually do not), we continue to buy them year after year, and we support the giants like activation and EA which puts pressure on others to compete. Also, in a bad economy, we are complaining that games better be cheaper next Gen as well as console. Thus, companies look for alternate revenue streams. We clamored for and raved about dlc when it was first introduced and it's really not much different than how f2p games make money...micro transactions. I actually believe that many games may go this route. We will be playing Cod in installments with ads and every little item costing money. Why? Because it's how they will keep making money to produce games, and because we don't want to pay more at retail and on and on. It's a vicious cycle that has just begun. To me, it is simple. I buy, play and have no problem supporting the companies that make the games I love. But, ultimately, we still have a choice to purchase or not to purchase.

Kurt Russell2316d ago

I am fairly sure that their greed is more to blame than our piracy. If there was no piracy they would still be looking to squeeze out every penny they can from you.

NewMonday2316d ago

And developers get caught in the middle, it's publishers that decide DLC and pricing and pirates don't care if a game fails.

DJ2316d ago

Developers only make what sells. Laugh at yourself.

Neko_Mega2317d ago

Microsoft does this, but yeah the same game over and over is pretty mess up. SF4, Super SF4, Super SF4 A.E. and so on.

It gets pretty old, plus when they pull the [email protected] of saying "this character won't be dlc and only come with the new game called Super Ult. MvsC3". (Just made up the name to make a point).

joab7772316d ago

But, if u r a company and every new game year in and year out sells really well for a minimal risk, why would they do it any differently? It's a model that has worked for them for so long. And if u r a diehard fighter fan who plays nothing but fighters, u r loving it. At least they must, because they keep buying them.

BXbomber2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Luv how someone puts an article out and one person says 1 negative thing u see all these followers with the dick riding comments " oh the idiots who continue to buy the same game and so on" "yea fuck those pplz" seriously no one is making ya buy the call of duty and battlefield or street fighter (?) year after year don't wanna buy it good for u take a stand on not buy ther products and for everyone else buy whatever u want it's ur money.

h311rais3r2317d ago

The problem is every dev now is trying to cash in on their popularity

BXbomber2317d ago

that i do agree with u but nonetheless if its wat the pplz like its wat the pplz will buy u kno i for one dont like seeing the same game rereleasin 3x but u do have those pplz who will go out and not give it a second thought to purchase an enchanced version of the game they bought months or years ago.

ginsunuva2316d ago

It's now overrun by businessmen, not programmers.

Subzero2002316d ago

whoever disagrees with this topic is a freaking moron unless you people like throwing your money away on trash that even the makers of these games realize.

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