Why Sleeping Dogs Will Be The Sleeper Hit of the Year

Hardcore Gamer: "A vibrant setting combined with a tense and intriguing plot line, Sleeping Dogs is Grand Theft Auto on steroids."

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fredrikpedersen2046d ago

I'm definitely looking forward to checking this out =)Ds

gaffyh2046d ago

I don't have any hype for this game. I mean it looks like it will be alright game, but it's not very high on my list, and I think other gamers will feel the same way. So I don't see this selling very well, because the hype is not there.

If you look at something like Tomb Raider though for example, they are hyping it up very well for the relaunch, so it could do really well in sales.

deep_fried_bum_cake2046d ago

It looks like a game which could turn out to be great, but as you say, no hype.

I mean the game is a month away and all I'm seeing of it is the occasional article popping up on N4G and some adverts on some sites. Nothing much in the real world (that bright, horrific place that exists outwith the internet).

tigertron2046d ago

I hope so, this looks like it could be a great game!

Ramses32046d ago

Hopefully this will be the game of the summer.

wenaldy2046d ago

When will the game to be released? This is actually True Crime Hong Kong right?

abeesley192046d ago

this is released on august 17th for us in the uk, and it used to be True Crime: Hong Kong, activision started the game but it was called orange lotus back then but they decided to put it into their true crime sereies and then cancalled it last year so square enix brought the rights to the game but not the name

isarai2046d ago

Actually it was called Black lotus and was always developed by UFG, the rest is true though :)

ziggurcat2046d ago

i honestly wasn't that impressed with what i saw, but that's fine... i don't think it's going to be an awful game, so don't get me wrong.

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The story is too old to be commented.