Secret World Domination Guide Review (Full Strategy Guide)

A full review of an unofficial strategy guide made for The Secret World. Loads of details including crafting patterns, leveling, ability wheel mastering, decks, builds and more.

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owen445x2256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

I normally wouldn't go out of my way to say something negative about a guide if it had atleast something a tad bit useful. The above information that this guide says it will do for you is a complete load of bull. The guide has three zip files and it is literally a rehash of info the developers talked about.. example would be decks.. all it does is tell you what each faction has for decks and NOTHING else. wiki of secret world had more info on the decks than this guide. For questing pro tips "read the quest... might have useful info" thats it for questing.. nothing else. For the PVP guide.. it only states that there are 5 battle grounds and a brief example of what it is for example capture the flag.. nothing about tatics or the customized armor options quests invovled for the pvp grounds. 3rd zip file is the crafting. It shows the pictures of the crafting table that you could have found out in the tutorial of the crafting part right off the bat. Total rip off of $34 dollars. I pray to god I can get click bank to refund my money.