Resident Evil 6: Nude Boss Fight Info Leaked

"When Resident Evil 6 received a M(17+) rating by the ESRB nobody was really surprised. Until part of that rating was due to nudity, a first for the series. There were also several mentions of the violence and gore being taken to a whole new level. For those of you hoping to see one of your favorite femme fatales in a more revealing manner, prepare to be disappointed. Just keep dreaming fanboys."

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dorgaorfa2049d ago

Looking forward to this :D

samiahm2049d ago

of course you are lol! So typical of you.

jony_dols2049d ago

My guess it's gonna be Ashley from Resi 4, who won't take Leon's rejections as an answer...!

WeskerChildReborned2049d ago

@jony, Ahaha as long as it's not Ada.

PoSTedUP2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

nude boss fight? i think they're spending their previously earned money on LSD and full seasons of south park..

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Nimblest-Assassin2049d ago

Really? All the re's were rated M..... But now your excited cuz there is a naked spider lady?

Really? Well... If that's what your into

Etseix2049d ago

fap fap fap, wait, did you said something?

fr0sty2049d ago

Watch the temp heat up to 1100 degrees from horny 12 year olds hoping to get a glimpse at some polygonal boob...

vortis2049d ago

Due to poor screenshots from no-name bloggers, make that a digitized, poorly capture polygonal boob.

DFogz2048d ago

Due to poor screenshots from no-name bloggers, make that a digitized, poorly capture polygonal boob *with no nipples.

Fixed it for ya ;)

Hozi2049d ago

You did read the article right? It's only a boss whos naked and she's a human/spider monster with no nipples and vagina. She does however have a move where she straddles you character and caress her breasts...How is this exciting?

MysticStrummer2048d ago

Two words, "she" and "naked". Humans are so pathetic. We haven't evolved nearly as much as we like to pretend.

LackTrue4K2049d ago

(i clicked on the mother 4uckin link, thinking it will have an image of it.....SO DISAPPOINTED NOW what will i do)

vortis2049d ago

Conveniently enough, your name matches your post and it's on topic.

+1 sir.

deletingthis346753342048d ago

You know what is better? Porn. It's the backbone that powers the internet we all use everyday. Stop masturbating to fake computer generated polygons.

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ApolloTheBoss2049d ago

I NEVER bought a new game from Capcom. Never did, never will.

pbasson2049d ago

U saved urself alot of pocket money

thrashermario2049d ago

I'd rather buy battle all stars

_Aarix_2049d ago

I only bought phoenix wright thats all theyre getting from me

FarCryLover1822049d ago

Rated by the ESRB already? So it's done then? Why not release it in August or Sept? Like no competition then.

ChipChipperson2049d ago

Because that wouldn't give Capcom enough time to remove content from the game and charge it as DLC later.

Buuhan12049d ago

They already are. The demo has been hacked revealing such plans. Capcom is releasing an Ada Wong campaign, several multiplayer modes, and several MP maps as DLC later.

FarCryLover1822049d ago

I'm surprised that in the future, that they don't just release a blank disc and all the content is DLC.

Treian2049d ago

Alexia Ashford boss battles were nude. A lot of the tyrant boss battles were nude....>_>

bigboss9112049d ago

This is not a first for RE. There was naked zombies in RE2. Though you couldn't see anything graphic.

samiahm2049d ago

it's the first time ESRB gave it a mark for nudity from what I've been told

vortis2049d ago

You couldn't see anything graphic from anything in RE2, the graphics were too bad.

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