GTA V Gets March 2013 Release Date?

A few months ago, Rockstar Games said they intended to make $1 billion in revenue before the end of March 2013. A nice figure but one that because their recent release, the rather excellent Max Payne 3, didn’t sell all that well, is surely only realistic with the release of Grand Theft Auto V within the next seven months.

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2346d ago
demetreHG2346d ago

Yes much better that way no rush for it !!!!

BitbyDeath2346d ago

Along with everything else.
If this is true then i'd say we are definetly getting new consoles end of 2013.

WeskerChildReborned2346d ago

Yea hopefully, i'm looking to get some better gaming experience.

Raider692346d ago

GOOD!My backlog is big and there are still a couple of ´good games this year.Lets hope the release the PC version at the same time than the console ones an with the same kind of polish seen in Max Payne 3!I WANT Bioshock infinite and GTA V very well optimized for every platform!

shaneTsung2345d ago

that means no next gen GTA for a long time.. owell just give me next gen red dead and I'll be happy

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