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Submitted by legendoflex 1306d ago | opinion piece

Nintendo 3DS Should Not Have Focused On 3D

GenGAME writes: "Here’s the core of the problem: 3D doesn’t actually offer anything in terms of improving the content of video games. It can’t by default if there’s an option for games to be played in 2D – the game has to be able to stand on its own without 3D." (3DS, Nintendo, Super Mario 3D Land, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

Xof  +   1306d ago
And the DS should not have focused on dual screens.

Pointless gimmicks are pointless gimmicks. In the end, though, they don't really matter. At all. The only thing that ever matters is the software.
klecser  +   1306d ago
While I completely agree with your last sentence, I take issue with the idea that dual screens is a gimmick. Most games are organized around the gameplay/menu duality and one of the main reasons I like the dual screen concept is that it allows me to see info about the game characters and the game itself simultaneously. This is especially useful in RPGs (a/t/or j varieties) and tactical strategy games. There is nothing that I hated more than having to switch to a menu screen whenever I needed to look up key stats of characters. Dual screens prevents me from having to do that. But, of course, I understand that that feature may not be as welcome to some users.
darthv72  +   1306d ago
are only gimmicks if they fail to achieve their goal. The dual screen idea became a huge success in spite of the use of the word gimmick in relation to it.

Developers were quick to learn how to use them and have been successful ever since. The 3d part of the 3ds might have been labeled a gimmick as well but it too is getting better. Now I cant really play a 3ds game any other way.

Yeah, i would turn the 3d effect off at first but you really get used to it rather quickly. As such it does offer a visual depth you just wont have on traditional screens.

3d in general is a gimmick but if it is used properly then it can be a success. The forced adoption approach by nintendo actually turned out better than expected.

It is my experience that those who choose to downplay the 3d are ones who dont have a 3ds to really invest time in becoming accustomed to it. Many of those who do are finding it easier and easier to play with it on and enjoy that extra sense of depth the games offer.
Xof  +   1306d ago
But that's just a gimmick. The dual screen does nothing but remove having to press a single button to view the menu. It doesn't effect gameplay in any way.

The 3DS' 3D screen is the same.

The original DS had two pieces of technology that could be considered innovative. The mic, which could be used for voice commands; and the touchscreen, which could be used as a tactile interface.

Of all the gimmicks, what defined the DS? What made it such an astonishing device? Was it the mic? Was it the second screen? No. Those were minor, peripheral features that didn't really effect anything. The touch-screen was the game changer.
ronin4life  +   1306d ago
The touch screen was actually forgotten over time, and is featured less than often and even downplayed in most 3ds games.
But all ganes use both screens, and it truly is the defining feature of the systems. Especially in games that made great use of it like Henry hatsworth, knights in the nightmare, mh3g, ninja gaiden and many more.
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thezeldadoth  +   1306d ago
DS dual screen was great. Theres a reason why DS had such better games overall than the psp.
StraightPath  +   1306d ago
3D is optional and works great.


Resident Evil Revelations
Super Mario World 3D Land

why would it be good to force 3D?...not all people like 3D so there is a option to play games in 2D.

Seemless intregration.

Article is fail.
kingofe3  +   1306d ago
Nintendo can do whatever the hell they want to do just like any other company. I just want games.
archemides518  +   1306d ago
the 3d is the only reason i haven't sold mine, i have the vita for everything else
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taquito  +   1306d ago
i just wish the would have dedicated the processing/gpu power towards gameplay and not lame 3d gimmicks

the 3ds is a pretty solid little system, but, my feeling is that nintendo needs a new handleld, with one screen that has more power than the vita, ain't gonna happen, but i would like it to
ronin4life  +   1306d ago
What you are asking for is to have all games and game machines be the same as each other, even if you don't mean or realize it.
Where's the fun in that?
Qrphe  +   1306d ago
3D is a waste of processing power for the system. Even if you don't use it, software is designed around the 3D limit in case it is turned on at any time.
My friends barely use it too, it's mostly a detrimental feature.
Gen0ne  +   1306d ago
I only play with 3D on max. So, I like it and therefore- not a waste. To each their own.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1306d ago
It's a damn shame 3D didn't take off the way tons of people thought... I knew it wouldn't personally!

True FUTURE 3D is glasses-less 3D...

3D with glasses is NOTHING new... we've had that since it was first ever implimented and I feel people seen that as a cheap tactic to pitch overpriced glasses for something people relate to wearing old outdated cardboard glasses for... glasses 3D was DOA on arrival!
malypso  +   1306d ago
People that don't enjoy the 3D effect or claim that it does nothing to enhance visuals have the right to their own opinion! I feel different about it, as I LOVE the 3D effect and feel that it does enhance visuals and gameplay. When I'm playing a console game I often find myself wishing I were able to play the game in 3D. Sadly, I'm not upgrading my 1080p TV to do it just yet until every game is compatible.

3D on the 3DS does a magnificent job enhancing the visuals; it's almost as the bump-mapping in certain titles literally pop when looking at it. I also find that it enhances gamplay by being able to tell the difference in depth perception, that regular monitors aren't able to deliver. I rarely ever play my 3DS without the 3D effect being cranked up!

I guess it's up to the individual but to me, glasses-free 3D should be the new standard in handheld systems or at least an option for it. It really is something special to me and hope that Nintendo doesn't abandon the idea of 3D. KI:Uprising and RE:Revelations are the pinnacle games that not only showcase what the 3DS can do, but also showcase what a creative developer can do with glasses-free 3D.

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