Frontlines: Fuel of War Updated Multiplayer Hands-On by GameSpot

GameSpot head back to the battlefield and try out some new maps and vehicles in Frontlines: Fuel of War, THQ's upcoming first-person shooter:

"We've looked at Frontlines: Fuel of War on several occasions in the months leading up to launch, and at every turn we've been greeted with a game brimming with features and a dev team eager to show them off. Yesterday was no exception, and we were given the chance to really put the game through the stress-test wringer by pitting ourselves against 15 other game journalists for an eight-a-side Xbox 360 multiplayer session across a range of maps, including a few new ones."

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ASSASSYN 36o3803d ago

They speak highly of the game now but when it comes out it will get a low score. I hate that.

deadpreacher3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

The game really has what it takes to be great, but they need to work on the aimming. It feels so lifeless unless your shooting and even than it just feels all hay wire and to jumpy. If they get that fixed plus afew other stuff i can see part 2 being released in the future! Yet from what i seen in the Demo if these things dont get fixed it may not go far.

ASSASSYN 36o3802d ago

If they don't re-map the crouching and aiming I might skip this game. I am shocked they didn't copy battelfield: modern combat controller setup.