Top 5 Reasons Console Gaming is Better Than PC Gaming

Console gaming has a lot going for it. While elite hardcore gaming will always be the domain of PC Gaming, casual party gaming is the domain of the Consoles. There are a few more areas we need to discuss where Console gaming has a leg up above PC gaming.

This is the top 5 reasons Console gaming is better than PC gaming:

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ATi_Elite2196d ago

5. My PC games are too good to trade in plus mods breath NEW life into old games.

4. 98% of the games get released on PC at a cheaper price with all the DLC included for FREE!

3. Are you serious? I play my games on the big screen at 9.1 Dolby sound surround or on a 1600p monitor or 3 1080p screens in 3D!

2. any modern PC can run any game! Crysis back in 2007 was an exception to the rule as the Tech took a huge jump.

1. PC's cost more cause they DO MORE! Now as far as games go, go to Steam right now and see just how bottom of the casket dirt cheap games are right now!

anyway consoles are still cool and provide Video Game Entertainment. They have their advantages over the PC but the editors list sure the heck wasn't them.

Happy Gaming no matter the platform.

edgeofsins2196d ago

I was about to reply saying "BS!" to the 9.1 surround sound and then googled it. I didn't know they had 9.1 :O

I love both but I prefer PC for the most part cause of how cheap it is.

WeskerChildReborned2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

I know PC gaming is better. Anyone who says not is in denial and i'm a console gamer. Console gaming is just simple and also good for casual gamers. Either way, as long as people are having fun, then awesome. Also consoles and PC have their exclusives too which make me want all of them.

Imalwaysright2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

^^^ To me gaming is all about fun and challenge, not antialising or resolution so i enjoy console gaming just as much as PC gaming and i dont think im in denial because of it. To me the best thing related to PC gaming is the freedom that it offers and the community that doesnt take crap from publishers and devs... and mods of course!

ABizzel12196d ago

Top 5 reasons PC gaming is better than Console:

5. Lower prices: Games cost less on PC which is why there is no need for a USed Game market. Games launch at $50 and will swiftly drop to $30, then $20, and soon $10, or free to play. Speaking of F2P there are tons of them for PC and many of them are great. There's also pirating, but I don't support it.

4. Multipurpose PC: While you console might be able to do some things your PC can, at the end of the day it's no PC. Browsing the web while gaming, typing something you need to remember for a latter part of the game are all things you can easily do on PC. Console not so much.

3. Competitive Distribution Services: Steam and Origin (mainly Origin) are competing for subscribers, and when services compete gamers win. Origin is offering a ton of games for free (Mass Effect 3, Plants vs. Zombies, etc...), offering an exclusive beat for Battlefield 4 (Yes BF4), and all kinds of deals constantly so they can try to cut into Steam's user base.

2. Mods. You like Left 4 Dead on 360. Yeah me too. Waiting on the new DLC. Well PC gamers have been playing mods of it forever, as well as hundreds of other modded stages like Mario's Boo stage, a Pyramid stage filled with mummies, and more. With PC many of your favorite games never get dull with new content releasing all the time thanks to the modding community (a ball dropped with the PS3 after its use in Unreal Tournament).

1. Superior / Upgradable hardware. Getting into PC gaming is simple. If you have any computer made after 2008 you can play the majority of games on your PC on low settings. You can go out and buy just about any PC right now, and you'll be able to run anything. PC gaming isn't $1,000+ dollars to get into like uninformed people want you to think. If you're paying $1,000 for a PC it's because you want a PC that can run every game on Ultra settings at a 2K resolution, that will keep those specs. for years to come. A PC half the price of that can still play everything in 1080p ultra settings, or 720p ultra settings and still be able to last you 5+ years after it's purchase. And again it's not only a console it's your computer, and if you want big screen gaming simply plug your PC into your HDTV and go for it.

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Gigawatt252196d ago

I only need one, the games.

vortis2196d ago

Yeah where's the Steam summer sale on consoles?

Whoops, you probably have to pay some MS Points for one.

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