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Submitted by SilkBD 1300d ago | opinion piece

Top 5 Reasons Console Gaming is Better Than PC Gaming

Console gaming has a lot going for it. While elite hardcore gaming will always be the domain of PC Gaming, casual party gaming is the domain of the Consoles. There are a few more areas we need to discuss where Console gaming has a leg up above PC gaming.

This is the top 5 reasons Console gaming is better than PC gaming: (Casual games, Industry, PC, PS3, Tag Invalid, Tech, Wii, Xbox 360)
Tipsed by: SilkBD

DeathProof  +   1300d ago
You Fanboy SOB you! ;)
ATi_Elite  +   1300d ago
5. My PC games are too good to trade in plus mods breath NEW life into old games.

4. 98% of the games get released on PC at a cheaper price with all the DLC included for FREE!

3. Are you serious? I play my games on the big screen at 9.1 Dolby sound surround or on a 1600p monitor or 3 1080p screens in 3D!

2. any modern PC can run any game! Crysis back in 2007 was an exception to the rule as the Tech took a huge jump.

1. PC's cost more cause they DO MORE! Now as far as games go, go to Steam right now and see just how bottom of the casket dirt cheap games are right now!

anyway consoles are still cool and provide Video Game Entertainment. They have their advantages over the PC but the editors list sure the heck wasn't them.

Happy Gaming no matter the platform.
BattleAxe  +   1300d ago

Very well said!
edgeofsins  +   1300d ago
I was about to reply saying "BS!" to the 9.1 surround sound and then googled it. I didn't know they had 9.1 :O

I love both but I prefer PC for the most part cause of how cheap it is.
WeskerChildReborned  +   1300d ago
I know PC gaming is better. Anyone who says not is in denial and i'm a console gamer. Console gaming is just simple and also good for casual gamers. Either way, as long as people are having fun, then awesome. Also consoles and PC have their exclusives too which make me want all of them.
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Imalwaysright  +   1300d ago
^^^ To me gaming is all about fun and challenge, not antialising or resolution so i enjoy console gaming just as much as PC gaming and i dont think im in denial because of it. To me the best thing related to PC gaming is the freedom that it offers and the community that doesnt take crap from publishers and devs... and mods of course!
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ABizzel1  +   1299d ago
Top 5 reasons PC gaming is better than Console:

5. Lower prices: Games cost less on PC which is why there is no need for a USed Game market. Games launch at $50 and will swiftly drop to $30, then $20, and soon $10, or free to play. Speaking of F2P there are tons of them for PC and many of them are great. There's also pirating, but I don't support it.

4. Multipurpose PC: While you console might be able to do some things your PC can, at the end of the day it's no PC. Browsing the web while gaming, typing something you need to remember for a latter part of the game are all things you can easily do on PC. Console not so much.

3. Competitive Distribution Services: Steam and Origin (mainly Origin) are competing for subscribers, and when services compete gamers win. Origin is offering a ton of games for free (Mass Effect 3, Plants vs. Zombies, etc...), offering an exclusive beat for Battlefield 4 (Yes BF4), and all kinds of deals constantly so they can try to cut into Steam's user base.

2. Mods. You like Left 4 Dead on 360. Yeah me too. Waiting on the new DLC. Well PC gamers have been playing mods of it forever, as well as hundreds of other modded stages like Mario's Boo stage, a Pyramid stage filled with mummies, and more. With PC many of your favorite games never get dull with new content releasing all the time thanks to the modding community (a ball dropped with the PS3 after its use in Unreal Tournament).

1. Superior / Upgradable hardware. Getting into PC gaming is simple. If you have any computer made after 2008 you can play the majority of games on your PC on low settings. You can go out and buy just about any PC right now, and you'll be able to run anything. PC gaming isn't $1,000+ dollars to get into like uninformed people want you to think. If you're paying $1,000 for a PC it's because you want a PC that can run every game on Ultra settings at a 2K resolution, that will keep those specs. for years to come. A PC half the price of that can still play everything in 1080p ultra settings, or 720p ultra settings and still be able to last you 5+ years after it's purchase. And again it's not only a console it's your computer, and if you want big screen gaming simply plug your PC into your HDTV and go for it.
Gigawatt25  +   1300d ago
I only need one, the games.
shackdaddy  +   1300d ago
Shitstorm incoming...
Big_Mex  +   1300d ago
Steam summer sale!
vortis  +   1300d ago
Yeah where's the Steam summer sale on consoles?

Whoops, you probably have to pay some MS Points for one.
Cosmit  +   1300d ago
oh boy....
SKUD  +   1300d ago
Oh_Yeah  +   1300d ago
even though im a console gamer myself, i cant name one reason other than sony exclusives/ games that dont release on pc. everything a console can do a pc can do plus more. consoles are like pcs that became slaves, only the makers have a say of what goes on it and what doesnt, not the people.
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Axecution  +   1300d ago
Yeah there is

SPLIT SCREEEEEN GAMES. Seriously. I love my PC games and i play them all the time on my TV with my PS3 controller and my Bluetooth adaptor. I love Steam.

But if anyone can logically give me a single good reason why i cant play, say, Modern Warfare 3 or Left 4 Dead, in split screen but you can on the 360 and PS3, i'll... well it doesnt even matter what i'll do cause its not gonna happen.

Honestly it's so stupid. I can easily connect 4 controllers to my PC. I've done it with SEGA All-Stars racing and played before... so i know it works.

lmao whatever. PC Gaming is definitely better than current-gen consoles no matter what. Steam Summer sale is hurting the wallet a bit though haha. Bought so much... sucks i have to play them all by myself but OHHH WELL.

I actually had an argument about this with my friend who's a huge PC fanboy and he was like "Most PC gamers wouldn't use it anyway so who cares!?". *Facepalm*
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Oh_Yeah  +   1300d ago
didnt know pc lacked split screen on some games, i guess they see it as most people are still gaming on little monitors rather than big screen hdtvs or most pc gamers game alone so why add it? sounds stupid but im sure alot of devs think this way or they're just lazy.
mistajeff  +   1299d ago
You CAN play left 4 dead split screen on PC.

But, unfortunately, that is a rare exception. I'd like to see more split screen support, especially since so many people hook their PCs up to TVs and use controllers.
cpayne93  +   1299d ago
Yeah I've played splitscreen games on n64 emulators with friends, why can't they put splitscreen in more pc games? Of course, it seems like less games are getting local mp nowadays, but I hope the releases of all stars and lbp karting show that its still kickin, and its also nice to see killzone and uncharted add splitscreen after first not having it. I really want splitscreen online for the next killzone and battlefield tho...
Axecution  +   1299d ago

Yeah if you do this lol

x800  +   1300d ago
I loled when i saw the title.
Everything about it is false the only thing i agree on is it been cheaper but only when u buy a very high performance PC but PC is still cheaper than consoles in the long run. :)
SlapHappyJesus  +   1300d ago
There are actually services that render your 'license' to many downloaded games useless, and transfer it to whoever wants to purchase the license. You can get paid for this. PC's answer to the used market, though it comes with it's fair share of complications. It exists though.

You can hook a pc up to a large screen, taking advantage of anything your home theater has to offer. Never understood how this is a console only type of experience. If you have a table you can easily make pc work in the living room, or wherever you have your home theater. Consoles barely ever support the resolutions to even take advantage of the larger televisions anyway.

PC gaming can be more expensive in terms of the price of the build up front, but when you take into consideration your ability to take advantage of steam sales, which have often halved the price of games just a month or two after release, I feel it evens out. I also feel that these sales are another good counter to the pre-owned market point, especially when you consider you are actually still supporting the developers and publishers whose games you are playing. Which is better for the industry as well.

All console has on pc is ease of use, which isn't all that much an issue, really. Ability to play many games split-screen, which even that is becoming less seen on console, being that the tech is being pushed harder than it should at this point. And the initial investment in a rig, which I still feel pays for itself in long run.

Kind of a troll article, if you ask me.
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Qrphe  +   1300d ago
I'd say games, but I've honestly spent too much time playing Total War, Diablo, Age of Empires, Doom and others to say consoles are a superior experience to PC games. PC games make me cozy lol
Relice  +   1300d ago
PC is better, and always was.
Sgt_Slaughter  +   1300d ago
Just play on both... nuff' said.
Smelly1sam  +   1300d ago
$900 for a entry level gaming computer???

Mine was way way less then that and I can play almost every game at the highest settings.

So for a couple hounded more dollars(for a PC compared to a console) I could get a machine that can surf web, email, do homework, edit videos (with good software not that p.o.s editor that they put on PS3 that i used once and never will again),multi monitors, photoshop and play games at above 1080p with AA and AF. Or get a PS3/360 that barley do 720p with no AA or rarely 2xAA.

Also the games are sooo much cheaper (hats off to Valve for having steam with amazing deals).
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mistajeff  +   1300d ago
Yeah, mine cost me $600 and I can max out Max Payne 3 and Battlefield 3 with all but the highest anti-aliasing.
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Hufandpuf  +   1299d ago
What are your specs?
mistajeff  +   1299d ago
2 evga gtx 460s, an i5 760 (overclocked from to 4.2 on each core), an asus p7p55d-e mobo, and 4x2gb of gskill RAM (overclocked to 1600 from 1333). I definitely had to bargain-hunt but it was worth it. I only wish I had waited until these newest intel cpus came out, now I'm stuck with an 1155 socket type so I can't exactly upgrade to the latest generation. But frankly, I have no need to, this thing's been able to take everything I throw at it.
beerkeg  +   1299d ago
5. Trade-In Market

So what, I can't trade in my games I got much cheaper, I'm sure I'll live.

4. First Release and Exclusive Content

I have to wait a bit and I might not get an exclusive costume. Not really a big deal. And I have these exclusive mods to keep me going.

3. Big Screen Home Theater's not as complicated as you think. And there are many games that can be played split screen, if the writer had actually done a bit of research he'd know this.

2. Consistent Game Experience

Yes every console game runs the same for everyone else with the same console. But not all games run the same for people with different consoles.

Besides, the customization part of pc gaming is what makes it fun. It isn't for everyone, but neither is console gaming, and I'm fine with that.

1. It’s Cheap

Someone didn't get the memo about the Steam sales where you can save lots of £s and $s. The initial outlay for a budget gaming pc with enough grunt to play the latest games at a higher visual quality than consoles isn't that much anyway.

I don't care what anyone games on, I game on pc and console. But this article doesn't have any compelling arguments why console gaming would be better than pc gaming.
Brownghost  +   1299d ago
Your not only getting a console your also getting a computer.
Somebody  +   1299d ago
Why are we reading this shit again? Why is there an author writing this same shit again? Did CERN blew up some God particle and sent us all back 5-6 years back in time?

5. Trade in Market? It's the very thing that console publishers, Sony and MS, are trying to kill with next gen and online passes. And those two are very busy getting cloud gaming into their gaming online services.

4. Exclusive content...he's using a Patch/an update to show that console is better than the PC? A patch? That everyone will get and don't have to pay for.

3. Big screen ...just plug in the damn HDMI into the HDMI port at the back of the PC! What's so complicated about that?

2. I haven't been forced to update any of hardware in months.

1. Steam Summer Sale is raging on right now.
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ALLWRONG  +   1299d ago
Truth is I would trade all my consoles and games in for a better PC, I wouldn't do that for console. PC is like Zippo while console is like a BIC.
MysticStrummer  +   1299d ago
I only need one reason to game on console instead of PC. My console is where the games I want to play are. I tried PC gaming and it just wasn't for me. If you have the desire and disposable income, you should game on all the platforms because they each offer something the others don't. If you're like me and don't want to buy games for more than one platform, you pick the one that floats your particular boat.
shodan74  +   1299d ago
As a console gamer who is actively considering moving to PC in the next-gen, I think the arguments the article makes are pretty weak.

Yes, there are some great console exclusives that never make it onto PC. But there are many more fantastic PC-only titles that you simply cannot get on consoles, while the low price of countless games via Steam more than trumps the whole 'trade-in' business.

As for the points about a big-screen etc. PCs can be easily connected to TVs. You can also hook up control pads too if you like.

If people happen to prefer consoles, that's all well and good. But I think arguing that console gaming is "better" in this day and age just doesn't fly.
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Killman  +   1299d ago
This comments section is full of PC ego stroking.
sriki007  +   1299d ago
steam sales. Enough said.
Hufandpuf  +   1299d ago
I don't think the author knows the awesomeness that is the Steam sale.

But other than that I think PC gaming overall is better because there are ways that you can get games for free *wink *wink
ChunkyLover53  +   1299d ago
Surprised they only listed 5. I think consoles gamer's play consoles for a reason. I think one of the things I like best about console gaming is that if your on an online game, you don't have to worry about someone having a better setup than you do, which would give them an advantage. Faster processor ect...

I don't even own a PC, but I've been a console gamer for 20+ years now. I think I just enjoy chilling in a big comfy chair, playing games on a 60 inch HD television, while using my standard controller.
aliengmr  +   1299d ago
Umm, that first part is false. Hardware doesn't give you an advantage.

I'm not trying to convince you or anyone that the PC is superior, but like you said, you don't even own a PC yet you claim to be able to list reasons the consoles are better. And this is where I take issue with your statement. Its wrong. Truth is online gaming on PC is no different than consoles.
aliengmr  +   1299d ago
5. Agree...for now. Not sure what will happen in the future.

4. Disagree, This is not only false but completely ignorant. Not all games have EA marketing and so if console gamers don't hear about them they don't exist.

3. Agree, though the downside is living with multiple people.

2. Agree, games that aren't optimized for the PC have problems.

1. Agree, except the games are far cheaper. I couldn't imagine paying 60$ for The Force Unleashed 2. And maybe its just me, but I love knowing that the PC "I" built is "mine". You can't get that with a console.

My problem with these arguments is that fanboyism gets in the way of facts. I may not prefer console games but many others do. That doesn't make PC gaming better. Consoles and PCs both have strengths and weaknesses and its up to the individual to decide what they like.
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MRMagoo123  +   1299d ago
Pc gaming is by far the best you dont even need to buy games you can get them free online
nofallouthero  +   1299d ago
console games cheaper go to the steam summer sale and say that.

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