Craft-shooter Guncraft potentially XBLA bound

Armless Octopus writes: Exato Game Studios told Armless Octopus that they are in discussions with several publishers about bringing Guncraft to Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade service. Mojang and Microsoft were mentioned as potential partners, though talks are still in a preliminary state.

“Honestly, it’s just been us shooting emails back and forth between each other,” said Executive Producer and Lead Game Designer John Getty. “No contracts signed or anything. They’ve been very professional, but it’s all very unofficial right now.”

The console port is planned to be “as similar as possible” to the PC version, which just launched in beta form. Getty said that sacrifices may be required if the game does end up on XBLIG instead of XBLA, though the new file size limit may prevent sweeping changes. An XBLA version would allow them to explore console exclusive features, however, like split-screen multiplayer.

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