Maxis on SimCity: EA “investing quite a bit” in making always-online work

The cheery response to the announcement of a new SimCity game was quickly tempered back in March by the announcement that it’ll require a permanent online connection to work. Videogamer caught up with Maxis’ Lucy Bradshaw to ask why SimCity won’t end up mirroring Diablo 3′s launch. Bradshaw says that EA are “investing quite a bit in making sure we’re locked and loaded.”

“If you’ve seen some of our recent launches they’ve been really quite flawless. Battlefield had huge amounts of players and stayed extremely stable, and think SWTOR was one of the most absolutely stable MMO launches,” she adds.

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rdgneoz32341d ago

"adding that the always-online requirement wasn’t added in for DRM reasons"

Bull, it was and they're just saying it was "built from the ground up" as a multiplayer game as an excuse. It probably won't have Diablo III's launch problems, because Diablo III was a much more anticipated game that SimCity. Still, always on DRM is a piece of crap.