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Mars Rover Landing: NASA's 1st Xbox Game Unveiled (Images)"

Nasa wants everyone to feel spaced out! Come take the first glance at what they are bringing to the gaming world. It is guaranteed to be out of this world! (Culture, NASA Mars Rover)

mike1up  +   1080d ago
Sounds cool.
Sephris  +   1080d ago
I have to give Emilio Estevez at least partial credit for this. He helped me get it together and even rewrote the header for me. Thanks Emilio! You're the greatest!
mike1up  +   1080d ago
Yea, he's a nice guy.
MAJ0R  +   1080d ago
Oh my... it's a Kinect game D:

I think I'll stick with Space Engine .96 for a space simulator.
Sephris  +   1080d ago
Yeah, I was a little concerned about it because while the Kinect has the capability to do great things, Kinect Star Wars showed the developers aren't up to speed with it. But this is NASA, not Lucas, so I'm willing to give it a shot. NASA only failed with two shuttles. Lucas failed with 6 movies. I say 6 because he revamped what didn't need to be. But that's just my opinion.
greenpowerz  +   1080d ago
Do you have a xbox? Is there a reason you wasted your time in here after reading the disappointing news?(In your opinion) I'm guessing you came in here to attack the game before you knew the details because you read 'Xbox and NASA' and Kinect was the excuse to troll.

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