Nobody does it better: Why I’m psyched for Borderlands 2

VG247- Cry “sequelitis” if you like, but Borderlands 2 is one follow-up Brenna Hillier is happy to see take an uncontested crown from its precursor.

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Relientk771446d ago

I'm excitied for it. I preordered the Ultimate Loot Chest Limited Edition.

RedSoakedSponge1446d ago

lucky! everytime i looked for it, it was out of stock :(

Frances-the-Mute1446d ago

Extremely jealous, my only regret in life is not preordering this edition. Enjoy it well.

RedSoakedSponge1445d ago

oh great. a phantom disagree is here who thinks he knows best....


scotchmouth1445d ago

It sold out quick. I did get the deluxe edition though

RedSoakedSponge1445d ago

was a pretty fun read to get you pumped for borderlands 2. i know its early to say it (since i havent played it) but im thinking this will be my GOTY.

it has everything i love about gaming. FPS action, Indepth levelling system, Huge open world, Millions of weapons, Customization, 4 player co-op, Cartoon gory violence, and a brilliant sense of humour.

Im going to be very occupied come September 22nd ;)

Frances-the-Mute1445d ago

I'm with you, definitely will be my GOTY, the game just oozes awesomeness.

scotchmouth1445d ago

I love the humor. That's really the icing on the cake for me. Were going to be quite busy come sept! This is my goty for sure.

jagstatboy1445d ago

Borderlands might be my favorite game.

scotchmouth1445d ago

It is one that has the most play time on my ps3