How Sports Games Fail Us

VGR: I’ve been playing the newest edition of EA Sports’ NCAA Football series with my usual aplomb since I received it about a week ago. I am a hardcore football fan and, although the series has its problems, I’ve enjoyed pretty much every release to some degree. I have an equally voracious appetite for EA’s Madden series, as well. Truth be told, I love these games, and sports games in general. It’s unfortunate, then that they all commit the same sin, one that should have been rectified long ago.

For all of their technological prowess, and ability to go beyond what the average person sees while watching games on TV, they all fail to teach the user anything about the sport.

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TheObserver2343d ago

Sports games seems so redundant to me. if I want to play game of sports, I would go outside and play it.

In other words:

Yo dawg, I heard you like to game. So I put a game in yo game so you can game while you game.