Kotaku: Either the New Devil May Cry is Very Good, or the Whiskey Was Really Strong

Kotaku: "This past weekend I got my first chance to try out DMC, the upcoming refresh of Capcom's popular slash-and-shoot series, and I am pretty sure I enjoyed myself immensely."

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dorron2261d ago

More like the second...

Lucretia2261d ago

odd didnt know u played it

ziggurcat2261d ago

why would anyone base their opinion on how the game plays when they can just cry like a whiny, entitled brat about the look of a character model?

user54670072261d ago


Oh I see your one of the people who still think it's about a character model...or the hair

Wake up man and read around...theres a lot more to it.

BABYLEG2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Who cares if Dante looks like a fag.. Obama supports gay marriage now so its cool to have gay video game characters. Dante gonna be ripping asses apart.

NegativeCreep4272261d ago

Yes...hopefully with just his sword.

frankboy20122261d ago

And not the pork sword either :)

WeskerChildReborned2261d ago

I'll have to try it for myself but i'm just hoping they got the combat right.

Taz Yamauchi2261d ago

I'm probably going to play this game and I'm gonna need a lot of whiskey while playing it

maniacmayhem2261d ago

I do not like the new look of Dante but I do love the over the top action. So I will definitely try this one out.

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