How Games Would Be If They Were All “On Rails”

"Lionhead’s Gary Carr believes that every game is on rails. His hilariously ignorant (or possibly ironic, considering his current work) comment made me think; what if our favorite games permanently focused on the straight and narrow path? It’s a horrifying conclusion, to say the least."

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Amazingmrbrock2346d ago

Sounds like worthy game ideas for the kinect.

In all seriousness though when is that coming out for pc I want to hand wave my way through the internet.

TheSpoiler2346d ago

Interactive por- erm, music switching.

Them_Bones2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

They should make an on-rails elder scrolls game, that would be awesome!

DigitalRaptor2345d ago

Woo hoo. Less bugs, but less freedom and more boredom.