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VGW: While there are many places where The Secret World took some risks, there are also plenty others where they played it safe. The classless progression may be different, but you’ll still need a tank and a healer to do some of the content. The heavy influence of the game’s subject matter and rich story make for a compelling setting, but you’ll still have to kill 10 zombies and find five car batteries at some point or another.

Where will The Secret World be six months from now, and should you be there when it happens? That’s a mystery only you know the answer to.

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2226d ago
WeskerChildReborned2226d ago

Sounds fun. I might pick it up.

lordoftheflies2226d ago

Already bought it at mmoga for a great deal though ^^
its such a amazing game, can't belive I didn't heard about it before >.<
best questing system ever, and I guess one of the first games, where dying isn't bad at all ;)