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Sexy Swimsuits For Both Sexes!?

Tekken has never been regarded as the sexy fighting game - Anna Williams showing a bit of leg is about as raunchy as its ever got.

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jc485732195d ago

ROFL! Scroll all the way down for a surprise.

StayStatic2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

That trailer ...

Couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag , kind of immersion breaking in that regard.

And "Get the bikini bundle with over 100 swimsuits" just put me right off , thought this was a beat em up lol

Tonester9252195d ago

People love to see computer graphic titties.


KidBroSweets22195d ago

I have a weir urge to see the real girls naked.

Mkai282195d ago

If they have to show women imitating video game characters to sell,then they are just as naive as Tecmo. Really, people are looking more at the real girls then the actual game. Then the game's visuals look the same. But then again, tekken was never known for graphics. At least not in my book.