CD Projekt RED: “the industry is trending toward over-exploiting the gamer”

CD Projekt RED co-founder Marcin Iwinski thinks that if publishers continue to over-exploit gamers by charging for additional content, people will eventually stop buying their stuff.

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Amazingmrbrock2317d ago

That guy is my hero, I want to go buy the games that company makes just because they are an awesome company.

I already try to buy from greedy publishers as seldom as possible, and when I do its usually on a %75 off steam sale. Or for the rare game thats doing something different.

fermcr2317d ago

These guys deserve their games to be bought. I purchased both the Witcher 1 and 2 from GOG.

2317d ago
Megaton2317d ago

Pre-order bonuses, day-1 DLC, season passes that don't really include all the DLC, etc. etc.

The cancer that is killing gaming.

LostDjinn2317d ago

You're on the money 'ton.

The thing I found most amusing though was the use of term "over-exploiting" in the title. Like sayin' "Exploitation's fine" but this is "over-exploitation".

Oh well. I guess it had the desired (sensational) effect. Still...makes me laugh.

kma2k2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

I agree with what he is saying. Creating bad will towards gamers will eventually lead to loss in sales. I mean this whole buy dlc to get the true ending thing serisouly has to stop!

The part that scares me is i serisouly can see these dlc tactics going further & further to see how far they can push it, i mean serisouly whos to say in the future that COD games dont start charging you to buy bullets, it sounds stupid & insane now but think about it, if people are willing to pay for it publishers WILL charge for it!

MilkMan2317d ago

This is nothing new.

It used to be like that, until Microsoft started charging for stupid sh!t like horse armor.
The EVERYBODY followed suite.
LOTS of gamers yelled and screamed in places like this here site "DON'T DO IT!" IF YOU BUY YOU SEND THE WRONG MESSAGE!" (a message which by the way IS STILL BEING said...I'M looking at you COD)
But this being the internet what was said and what was done where two separate things.
Replies like, "well YOU cant afford it cause you are on welfare", "get a job", "Tell mommy to buy it for you" all the way up to the sophistication of COD and their Elite program which is essentially buying maps for another $65 bones and those that cannot afford it get the short stick (again)

What happened after a million people joined.
Battlefield did it.

I always laugh when gamers complaint they don't have money, but always find dough to pay for micro transactions and stupid "elite" programs.

There's your new games, right there. Add up the money.

It used to be, there was a reason for it. Do you know what that reason was? To keep you glued to playing that game and not drift to playing something else. YOU shouldn't have to PAY for the privilege to play their game which you already bought.

Let me make it MORE SIMPLE

They need YOU MORE than you need them.
Hope you can follow that.

360GamerFG2317d ago

Except it was Bethesda, not Microsoft. But I get it, anything to make MS seem like the big bad wolf.

MilkMan2317d ago

I stand corrected. It was a long time ago and I thought it was free on the PC but that M$ had forced Bethesda to charge for it.

I did find an interesting article. We could have struck then and there:

its now 2012 and look at the state of things.

However, I also have this article that reminds us that is has ALWAYS been M$ policy to charge for DLC, they don't like "free" anything.

Baka-akaB2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Well it did start with Sega technically . But microsoft and bethesda DID popularize the current concepts . I just woulnt bet on others like Sony from staying away from such idea , had Microsoft been afraid of it .

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