Why there should never be a sequel to Max Payne 3

GameZone's David Sanchez writes: "Max Payne 3 is the total package. That said, I really hope Rockstar Games never makes another sequel."

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MattyG2318d ago

I agree. Rather than continue Max's story though, maybe just have the same gameplay but follow a different character. Because I loved playing MP3 and would love to see more of the series gameplay-wise, but I wouldn't want them to continue his story with a fourth.

DarkTower8052318d ago (Edited 2318d ago )

I just beat the game yesterday and was happy with the sendoff they gave to Max. They should leave it as, forget the sequel or prequel. Besides, eventhough the game was great it didn't do well sales wise (at least R* well), so I can't see another MP anytime soon.

Shadonic2318d ago

A sort of prequal would be cool with an open world ridieing around jersey sort of Gta style with some crimes you can investigate la noire style.

Th3 Chr0nic2318d ago

the game was freaking awesome that is reason enough

Tzuno2318d ago

If it sells believe me it will happen.

bahabeast2318d ago

a spin off can always happen once the story is done well and we get the same great gameplay rockstar is famed for then im all for a another game.

dorron2318d ago

Me, I'm waiting for a GOTY or complete edition, as with every single R* game...maybe more people are waiting for a full game release too.

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