Halo 4 CTF and Oddball Assassinations Brutally Showcased

GR - "343 Industries was one of the studios which had a huge presence at the event, providing visitors with game stations to experience a portion of Halo 4. "

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spicelicka2225d ago

Holy shitttt! those look like mortal combat fatalities!! can't wait for this ga-hee-hameeee!

dexter116282225d ago

Just noticed the helmets those Spartans were wearing. looks like something similar to the ODST helmet is back.

robavila952225d ago

They brought lots of helmets back, including Recon and Scout.

dillydadally2225d ago

It's funny, but the thing I am most excited about in this video is the ability to throw the ball! How many fun variants will that create, not to mention team gameplay to pass the ball right before you die!

SixZeroFour2225d ago

they are just asking for forgers to create a football/rugby gametype to go along with grifball

Ge0rg1aB012225d ago

If the Spartans' bodies disappear after they are killed, wouldn't that mean there's no more teabagging?