Square Enix Tech Director On FFVII: "I'd Like A Remake"

Julien Merceron, the company's technology director, has said that "as a player and a fan," he'd like to see a FFVII remake. That's a little encouraging, right?

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Godmars2902193d ago

And at this point I'd like them to actually do it, or STFU about it. And by "Them" I mean square and fans alike.

Have gotten worse than the Dreamcast 2 crowd.

Vegetapero2193d ago

I don't know what are you talking about... But FF VII is better than other thing.

Ranma12192d ago (Edited 2192d ago )

I worry Yoichi Wada will make SE remake it as an FPS game.

Am being serious, this is the same guy who moved SE's entire headquarters because a fortune teller told him to, anythings possible with this fool in charge !

oldfriend862192d ago

You saved me the trouble of saying that myself.

Seriously, 1 out of 10 articles on N4G is basically another "FFVII remake?". Give it a rest.

Snookies122193d ago

Well that's nice to hear, but as long as that Wada moron is in charge of things Final Fantasy will remain a "decent" RPG and will never regain its former glory. He could regain credibility by putting "talented" staff in charge of the games, but he won't...

Vegetapero2193d ago

Nice ever comment I Never see?
But maybe they are creating FFVII for this time after.

FFNul2192d ago

By the way ff7 wasn't all that. Geez, the load times had more lag than Bath and Body Works has oils and lotions. Random battles going from point a to point b. Read the review of the former xplay on g4 host says about it.

Again, let's talk about a game that's in the "what if" phase that may take 4 to 5 years to make. How many "what if this game gets a sequel or remade" topics are you gonna make?

richierich2193d ago

Bring back SquareSoft Wada

Vegetapero2193d ago

Wada San is very nice ! Let's Kitase, Hashimoto, Nomura and Merceron produce FF VII Remake.

Cloudstar2192d ago

Merceron seems to be a really nice person

Stari2192d ago

Bring back Squaresoft please !

FFNul2192d ago

You want a Spirit Within 2 ?

Digimortal2193d ago

The hell with 7 make a remake to 9. 7 blows.

ziggurcat2193d ago

i'm sorry, but FFVII is horribly overrated...

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