Is Warner Dumbing Down HD DVD Releases?

Formatwarcentral writes: Over at Eye Crave DVD we read something interesting about the upcoming releases of I am Legend.

Shane says that according to the notes he received, the HD DVD will not contain all of the same extra features as the Blu-ray disc.

Both discs should have the alternate version of the film and the Animated Comic. The Blu-ray Disc is said to also have a 'Creating I Am Legend' Documentary and Cautionary Tale: The Science of I Am Legend, where Will Smith, director Francis Lawrence, producer-screenwriter Akiva Goldsman and novelist Richard Matheson examine the real-life science behind the film.

Keep in mind that there is no hard evidence that the HD DVD will not include these extra features also, but it is certainly conceptually possible that either due to capacity limitations or due to Warner having chosen their side, that they would have content exclusive to the Blu-ray release compared to the HD DVD. It will be interesting to see as more details become officially available.

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GodsHand3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

If anything, it's just Warner not fully supporting HD Dvd.

BTW: If you seen the begining of the movie during the news interview, they show a football game score in the ticker between the Patorits and Giants score I belive to be 21 to 7.

GodsHand3859d ago

Patroits 21 Giants 7, would be crazy if that was the score. Even crazier if you placed a bet on the game saying that would be the score, and it was.

mighty_douche3859d ago

rightly so!

the less attractive they can make HD-DVD to new customers the better, even Warner dont want you to waste your money!

Hades13373859d ago

We all know where their alligance lies, so until they start supporting Blu-ray exclusively they can make their HD-DVD releases as crappy as they like.

captainpwn3859d ago

The 360 is next. Sony crushed one massive force, the next murder is just around the corner.

DJ3859d ago

Including in the latest Harry Potter release where features seen in the Blu-ray version were cut in the HD-DVD version. They're just fulfilling basic contract requirements, and if they're willing to delay HD-DVD releases by three weeks, I'm sure they're willing to spend less time developing them.

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