Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Review (ITF Gaming)

Jonathan Bester from ITF Gaming writes: From Capcom and From Software comes Steel Battalion Heavy Armor. A Kinect-enabled game with a difference. Steel Battalion Heavy Armor puts you in the shoes of a mech pilot, whose job it is to utilise a war-machine to complete various tasks, blow stuff up and above all… complete your mission by moving your arms around and pantomiming the actual movements that could be featured within a mech (or VT as it is called in-game). However is Steel Battalion the gaming title that every mech player has been longing for? Or does it fall flat on its mechanised face? Let's find out!

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SITH2261d ago

If they just made the game like the original or even copied it, it would have sold like crazy. Nope, Capcom just has to poop out this steamy mess of a game and ruin any possiblity of a worthy successor to steel battalion and steel battalion line of contact.

lodossrage2261d ago

The first one hardly sold at all. And keep in mind the first one was actually a good game.

If they made it like the original, that means another high priced mech controller. Which means once again, not many people would have bought it.

It would have sold like the original game sold maybe, but like I said, the original damn sure didn't break any sales records either. So this game was damned regardless of how they went about it.

SITH2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Steel Battalion was the 5th best-selling game during its week of release in Japan at about 15,092 copies. Inaba concluded that the game ultimately broke even in terms of units shipped and units sold. When it was being made it was for the ps2. During development it became an Xbox game due to the better hardware. Steel battalion was Haden's a test run to see what could be done in the industry of gaming.

You could not walk into a GameStop or EB and find more than one if any sitting on the shelf. Not just because they were flying off, but because the advertisement was horrible, and it had to be special ordered. My blue light controller steel battalion took two weeks to be shipped. I personally heard about it from people talking on Xbox live. In Japan it Was a diffrent story. The game sold perfectly well compared to the units made. It was well researched that it would not appeal to a mass market due to its severe learning curve, price, and target audience. You make it sound like steel battalion failed. The damn controller and game is STILL selling on ebay to this day! It had a cult following right up to the day the servers were cut off. Steel battlion did exactly what was expected of it and turned a profit. It did all that with virtually no advertisement push many games enjoy today.

The game was not meant to break records, it was meant to be something completely unique to gaming. To this day there is nothing like steel battalion, not the immersion, the unique mechs (VTs), and not the controller. The closet thing is mech warrior online and razers prototype Artemis controller. And it still fails to compare to steel battlion.

The biggest drawback to steel battlion was not just the crappy advertisement, or price tag... it was the fact Xbox was competing against the already established ps2. Xbox did not have anywhere near the units the 360 has today or the ps2 had when steel battalion launched. But you mean to tell me, a Xbox 360 version of this game would not sell with the quantity of Xbox 360s in homes world wide. 67+ million 360s sitting in homes right now. Hell, I got two myself.

It would have sold damn good, a upgraded form of the original, and at $200. I would have gladly dropped $200 to have my steel battlion game back any day. Not this kinect crap stripped down junk that shares only the name with the originals. I called its failure months ago. Check my comments. I knew it was not going to appeal to anyone. It was a waste and a bad mark on a good game series. Hopefully Capcom has seen its clusterfuck decision to release this crap and will give gamers the original in it's worthy form with a controller.

lodossrage2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

Then explain why the original steel battalion ended at 0.10 in sales?

Despite all your rant there, the point is you said the game would have sold "like crazy" (your own words).

Which is very FAR from reality.