IGN: Is Metacritic Ruining The Games Industry?

IGN: "The truth about Metacritic's pervasive influence on games development and publishing."

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NYC_Gamer2017d ago

I don't buy games based on reviews but my own judgement

360GamerFG2017d ago

Reviews all the way for me. Games are too expensive to risk it and end up with a lemon!
I did this with Spider-man 3 and Raging Blast 2, ignored the reviews and paid dearly.

NYC_Gamer2017d ago

I watch gameplay videos from users on youtube and make my decision from that

joab7772017d ago

From a consumers perspective, it isn't. I use metacritic to get a list and then go and read as much as possible. Then I ask people too. And I watch videos. As far as the industry goes, it's up to them whether they want to offer bonuses or close studios based on the scores. But they shouldn't include user reviews when making those decisions.

morganfell2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

Wait, IGN, a site with no standards for reviews or fixed editorial policy is asking if Metacritic is ruining the games industry?

IGN, a site which does it's level best to exploit gamers in order to induce hits is asking if Metacritic is ruining the industry?

IGN, a site that most often grades games on a 7-10 scale is asking if Metacritic, a site that reports the findings of entities such as IGN, is ruining gaming?

Really? Readers should feel insulted IGN can ask such a question and not expect gamers to see the truth.

Pot, meet kettle, kettle, meet pot.

No IGN, the press is ruining the industry. People that do not realize they write about an industry in which they do not work are ruining gaming. The press, who believe they are more important than the games and developers about which they report are ruining the industry.

Anon19742017d ago

I agree with 360GamerFG. I have limited gaming time, and a limited budget for gaming. I rely on reviews to help me make my purchasing decisions. Although, after 30 years of gaming I've got my sources for reviews that I find I'm always in agreement with and usually stick to those.

Ridiculous question though. How is Metacritic ruining gaming? Is RottenTomatoes ruining the movie industry? IGN even says "It's not Metacritic's fault," well then why write anything after that point? The game industry needs some sort of measuring stick. If they don't use Metacritic they're just going to pool reviews and figure out averages themselves to judge how their products fit in. Sales is obviously the first, most important factor for companies, but when you're looking at quality you look to the professional reviewers who's job it is to review these games, then see how you stack up. There's nothing wrong with that.

NastyLeftHook02017d ago

so you cannot think for yourself, i can understand why.

vickers5002017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )


I do both. Reviews do help sometimes though. They're not THE deciding factor as to whether or not I purchase a game, but they are one of many, as I cannot just simply purchase everything I'm interested in.

I'll watch a review, and if it gets a good score. If it does, I'll watch more footage and read more about the features. If it still looks and sounds interesting enough, I'll get it, provided I can spend the money at the time.

If the reviews are just okay but it's a game that looks really interesting, in some cases I will still get it (The Darkness 2 I bought full price even though reviews complained about the short length).

Reviews aren't everything, but they certainly aren't worthless.

And I gotta agree with Morganfell, lol. If ANYONE should be asking this question, it sure as sh*t isn't IGN. As far as I can tell, they are responsible for this "every really good game gets a perfect score" trend, and subsequently responsible for the "every game must get a 9 to be worth buying" trend as well.

In my opinion, the lack of truth and quality in game reviews seems to stem from them.

ABizzel12016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

does n4g rule gaming journalism?

No it's just a hub for most gaming news, as metacritic is hub for most reviews.

Some people buy games based off reviews, but more people buy them based off friends getting the game / demos / and gameplay trailers / advertisment (whatever or not it looks like they would buy the game).

Reviews are nothing more, but confirmation (if the game receives an 8+), hesitation (the game may be worth waiting a couple of months for a price drop), or passing (if the game has some serious problems).

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killerhog2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

No it's people like the folks over at IGN ruining the gaming industry.

wishingW3L2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

people, read the article first and then you'll realize how ridiculously off-topic every of your comments are.

brish2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

You're clearly new to n4g!

Bring up facts and/or relevant issues based on the content of the article is frowned upon.

Instead you should just read the title and make wild assumptions about the content of the page without ever going to it.

Using these baseless assumptions you should then criticize the article that you never read.

WeskerChildReborned2017d ago

It only helps me make a decision if it's between two games i wanna get.

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Jadedz2017d ago (Edited 2017d ago )

But there have been some pretty questionable game reviews, as of late.

I just can't seem to decide upon this issue.

jamesensor2017d ago

IGN is trying to nuke metacritic, talking out for their corporate boys. They should also add that many devs also go there to review their own games and give them 10's, thus influencing positively their games. Some devs don't have nothing to fear, as they make good games and people overall positively review them. http://gaminggoreview.blogs... have a look here about the love they're giving us xD

Irishguy952017d ago

I don't like Devs who take Metacritic to heart/

Bethesda...sacking 30 obsidian members because New Vegas got 84 instead 85 out of 100

2017d ago
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