Is the World of Warcraft Dying

Article by Daniel Perez,

Is the infamous WoW dead in the water? Could be… WoW was one of the most famous games on the market and their run truly lasted a long, long time. Is it over?

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Snookies122198d ago

Uh, not from what I can see... I've started back up recently, and there seems to be fewer people populating the major cities these days (mainly late at night or early morning). However middle of the day, there are plenty about, and generally on the verge of a new expansion there are fewer people. When the expansion releases however you'll see tons coming back, especially at midnight when it's released. Everyone will be clamoring to check out all the new stuff, and I guarantee a surge in players from that point on.

Raf1k12198d ago

It's as you say. At the moment everyones pretty bored of the content and the only thing to look forward to is the new expansion so people stop playing and will be back for Mysts of Pandaria.