How developers deal with griefers

Digital Trends - Griefers, the people in games that deliberately try to annoy others, are a problem for gamers. So how do developers plan and design a game knowing that a small group will actively try to undermine their work?

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jamesensor2345d ago

Poking is funny but not everyone every time is on the mod to play catch with griefers. Flush'em out

QuantumWake2344d ago

And that is why I like playing with a group of friends rather than playing with a bunch of randoms. Too many times have I encountered someone killing themselves so that they can bring the teams score down. Or that one person who tries to betray you because you took the weapon or vehicle that they wanted.

Though if there is one thing to note, if you teabag me in a match, I will make it my mission to find and kill you the entire game as well as teabag you. How I roll. lol ;P