Nintendo warning over 'boring' Wii titles

Quirky and inclusive games for the Nintendo Wii that attract a new breed of gamer could be a bad thing, according to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. "If all our games mirror games like Wii Sports or Wii Fit, our gamers would soon grow bored," said Iwata, in a recent interview published to Masahiro Sakurai, the creative force behind Kirby and Super Smash Bros, quickly agreed with Iwata.

Despite Nintendo's dominant popularity since Wii's release in November 2006, many long-time gamers have expressed concerned that the added focus on mainstream consumers comes at the expense of fewer traditional games.

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meepmoopmeep3740d ago

the casual gamer will eventually move on to become more and more core... the wii is just bringing in more noobs for us to pwn when they realize wii just won't hack it anymore

RecSpec3739d ago

Wii is the gateway drug into the addiction known as gaming.

wiizy3740d ago

lol. it never cease to amaze me , fanboys..there is a market big enough to cater to everyone and nintendo own that market

hotrider123740d ago

classic games nintendo could bring out of the closet for everyone to enjoy. Im sure wiifit and wiisports is boring by now, some good games for hardcore and old school gamers should keep the wii afloat for now.

kydrice3739d ago

It's exactly what I was warning people about. The road Nintendo took might make them a lot of money now but at what cost for the future?

ChickeyCantor3739d ago

but if you looked past the boring games you know there are better games coming.
To make this new market buy these games their marketing strategy should be planned right.

Leathersoup3739d ago

Nintendo wants to be the only one peeing in the talentless game pool.

They started it and now they're realizing that pretty much anyone can develop a casual game in a weekend.

LanRanger3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Perhaps. Microsoft and Sony have yet to do a good job of creating large scale interest with casual gamers, though. That will take some doing.

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