Hardcore "are more tolerant" of Xbox Live abuse than casuals, says former Xbox Live enforcer

Have you ever heard somebody call somebody else a "fag" during a game of Call of Duty, shrugged, rolled your eyes, laughed at the follies of youth and got on with your life? You're part of the problem, according to Microsoft's former head of enforcement Stephen Toulouse.

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killerhog2226d ago

The *hardcore* 360 crowd are the ones spewing this crap to begin with, read the comments they make here on n4g alone. That's the problem with XBL filled with mysoginists, homophobes, racists, uneducated adults, hubris * hardcore* (i dont even want to use this word) players.

darthv722225d ago

i often forget to even plug in the headset. So I dont hear any of this stuff nor does it come through my tv.

guitarded772225d ago

I only use a mic when I'm playing in a group with friends, and I mute everyone when I'm not playing with friends, so I never hear any of the BS. People who get "offended" are sensitive flowers who probably don't belong online anyway. The reason the core don't care is because they have been desensitized to all the hate speech. My rule is this, if the voice of the person sounds like they haven't reached puberty yet, just mute them... they are the one's who usually talk the most s#!t because they just learned some bad words recently, and have been given a platform to shout them off. I think the only reason I would ever report anyone is for hacking or viciously attacking an innocent gamer who has no interest in the attackers BS. But, like I said... I mute everyone I don't want to talk to, so I don't hear their BS anyway.

DeadlyFire2225d ago

Wait a minute. There are rules to playing a game online? There is no real world rules to talking. You won't get a fist in your face online. So its a place for cowards to talk crap and feel cool. You can ignore it or you can wipe them off the map and laugh at them and talk your own crap.

BABYLEG2226d ago

Xbox live got that big Dick

JBSleek2226d ago

That is likely because the hardcore fans who play on Live all the time here it so often that it almost becomes acceptable to hear it.

Casuals may not hear it as often and become offended that the few times they do play people abuse them verbally for no apparent reason but to be offensive.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2226d ago

they take a lot of crap..
like paying for minecraft skins.
Also xbox live seems to be free to access on windows 8.

Fishy Fingers2226d ago

Ha, pretty obvious. But to be honest, I've made it habit to mute all but everyone who isn't on my friends list.

daggertoes832226d ago

Lol me to. Bro we have probably muted each other before.

Summons752226d ago

I just go into party chat, the few times I do actually play multiplayer it's with my friends or brother anyway so I wanna hear the discussion instead of children.

killerhog2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

And this is what you're paying $60 a year for, to be anti-social? When I play on the ps3, I don't mute anyone and i play with everyone. I met a lot of great people since R1 that i still talk too. I usually get put into games where it doesn't matter if you're: gay, female, kid, adult, black etc.. It seems over there on XBL, the advice is playing privately with friends, alone, or mute everyone.

Yeah unfortunately on the ps3 we have a few idiots but they don't phase me, it's hilarious hearing these uneducated fools speak. Over here when people act up, we just observe them like if they are premitive life-forms and laugh till they stop or leave.

It's funny, when girls play on the ps3, the guys flirt with them. When girls play on the 360, the guys abuse them. I just recently met this nice Japanese chick who doesn't speak much English but enough to be able to communicate through mic or messaging with though. I also get a fair amount of buddy invites from female gamers. I especially like when they ask me, if they can buddy me. Fortunately I been lucky and they are around my age.

NYC_Gamer2226d ago

I don't have gold status or many friends on my xbl

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