Sega launches Master System titles on Nintendo Virtual Console soon

Sega announced today that it will soon begin distributing its Sega Master System titles on the Nintendo Virtual Console.

Master System titles will start appearing in Japan first, but European and North American gamers should start to see them shortly after February. The first titles to be released will be the Fist of the North Star, which is 600 Wii points and Fantasy Zone at 500 Wii points.

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ThatArtGuy3770d ago

Now give me Phantasy Star!

cartman3133769d ago

I loved that game. I never did get to the end of the first one though. I'm glad you mentioned it though, cause now I'm going to go find a rom and emulator!

Zhuk3770d ago

Great news, Australia was one of the few countries where the Master System destroyed the NES so if they bring some of the great classics onto VC I might go grab a Wii

SaiyanFury3769d ago

Heh I don't have a Wii and I don't plan on getting one. I can simply get ROMs for my SMS games.

meepmoopmeep3769d ago

good to see you here :)

i wouldn't mind some PSN or Arcade games from the Genesis.

like Wonder Boy!!!

wiizy3769d ago

damn master system.. now thats old school

KrisXX3768d ago

I hope they release Ninja Gaiden SMS. Its far better then the NES version. (youtube the game to see). I would also love Golden Axe Warrior. I know its a Zelda ripoff, but its lots of fun. Psycho Fox?! YES! Quartet?! YES! And of course, Phantasy Star. I could go on and on, tons of great games for the SMS!