EA and Criterion Games reveal pre-order bonuses for NFS: Most Wanted

Killer Vehicles with Performance-Enhancing Custom Modifications Accelerate the Action in the Highly-Anticipated Open World Racer

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jamesensor2224d ago (Edited 2224d ago )

Highly anticipated by them lol. And again, by the picking of the name, looks like EA is using a previous title of great success (if not one of the best NFS they made) to sell more... They have used this tactic in the past and they are doing it again ^^

It's awkward they using the same name! What a desperate choice..

steve30x2224d ago

I disagree because I think Underground two was the best of the lot

jamesensor2224d ago

Subjective. But I've heard that a lot too. It was highly customizable, being one of its strongest points.

Getowned2224d ago

I agree Underground 2 was the best, I would love a new one or even a remake, or just put the original on the psn store :)

BlmThug2224d ago

The fact thats its like burnout puts me off. I want to play NFS, not burnout

310dodo2224d ago

I want this game so bad

i just dont want them to release it the same day as MOH

that would kill the sales

Skate-AK2224d ago

Does anyone know what engine it's using? Doesn't look like Frostbite 2 so ima say it's the same one used in Hot Pursuit.