Press X to win: today’s games are too easy and it’s spoiling us all

When was the last time you failed to finish a game? And I (Matt) don’t mean failed because you got bored or lost the disc down some crumb-flecked textile crevasse – I mean failed because it pushed you to the limits of your ability. I’ll tell you when: never.

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CandyCaptain1955d ago

God Hard, Vanquish. I am still stuck on the final bosses(the red and blue guys). I got close to killing one before then kept failing since then.

Frankfurt1955d ago

Yep. Just look at all the pseudo-platforming, QTEs and scripted BS.

Dms20121955d ago

Many games come to mind but the Uncharted series takes the cake for scripted BS and can't-fail this jump gameplay.

Hicken1955d ago

What are you talking about? You can fail virtually ANY jump in Uncharted. You can even fail the QTEs, or at least most of em.