High-end gaming PC: Gateway FX7020 PC - Review

The FX7020 boasts the latest quad-core processor from AMD, the 2.3GHz Phenom 9600. It has four processing cores, 2MB of L3 cache and is air-cooled. Gateway's new FX 7020 desktop is not really in competition with the likes of the XPS 720 or HP's Blackbird 002. Instead, it's a high-end gaming PC with very good specs, offered at a decent price. It features a revamped chassis, and upgraded hardware throughout.

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mighty_douche3797d ago

Why oh why put the AMD chip in there?

WilliamRLBaker3797d ago

cause they work? and can be gotten for cheaper then the equivilent intel ones....

eyeballpauluk3797d ago

there is a reason they are cheaper these days....they dont match up at all to the core2duo's or core2quads. Not to mention the clock speed on this one for a `high-end` is very low

mighty_douche3797d ago


yeah they're cheaper by £2! wooooooo what a saving! check first next time.

eyeballpauluk3797d ago

not exactly a high end gaming rig with that processor! Nice gfx card with teh 8800GT..shame the new ones will be out soon tho.

SaiyanFury3797d ago

AMD's CPUs the last half a year at least, has been overshadowed by Intel's Core 2 series. That includes the Quad series. I have the fastest Core 2 Duo myself and it works very well with every game I throw at it. Even Crysis works well.