KojiPro explains why it took so long to add trophies to Metal Gear Solid 4

Kojima Productions’ Sean Eyestone explains why it took so long to add trophy support for the Playstation 3 exclusive title, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

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NBT912257d ago

Better on time than late.

Baka-akaB2257d ago

lol really smart when they never gave you a time to begin with

chazjamie2257d ago

what projects is this guy talking about. they make it seem like they created a plethora of games already. basically they didnt give a shit and had no intention of doing it. its trophies, not dlc. what a pathetic excuse.

Ares84HU2257d ago

Yeah, it should be released sooner to be honest. But I was waiting for trophy support to get back to MGS4. When it came out I played it for months and it was great.

Does anyone know when it's out exactly???

Dasteru2257d ago

On who's time? Kojima never previously gave a release date so "on time" is whenever it happens to release.

_-EDMIX-_2256d ago

does someone even care? I'm a huge MGS fan, played every MGS no less then 5 times, played MGS3 over 13 times! And very much plan to get the HD collection for it and i have to say....who cares?

Are you guys mad? Its trophies, what is it going to do for you? I've never understood why anyone would care. I mean are you guys really crying over something that flashes on the screen after you complete something?

I didn't care for silly achievements and when Trophys came out, i cared for them even less.

Kojima has better things to do then was time on trophies. making MGS Peace Walker, over seeing Rising, over seeing the MGS HD collections, over seeing MGS3 for 3DS, over seeing ZOE HD collection, producing ZOE III, making MGS5...oh yeah and developing a new engine for all 3 systems. Out of all that, i just don't care if trophies where never released for it. There are more important projects to finish.

Gaming1012256d ago

A lot of people lost hope years ago for trophies, as it was never a priority, they didn't bother hiring any new programmers (it's an entry level project, making a game trophy enabled) so it was never a concern. People didn't shout loud enough, and the cost benefit analysis just wasn't there.

The problem now is people will have to buy back the game if they sold it. I kept mine, but for those who didn't, the question becomes whether they would be willing to buy it again just for trophies, and if so are they buying it brand new? Because if they buy it used, which I take it the vast majority of them will, then Konami won't see a dime from it, so I don't see the cost benefit here from Konami's standpoint.


crxss2256d ago

maybe they planned this, as in announce trophy support and a full install option knowing a flock of us would return to mgs4, shame they're doing this after mgo just went offline.

badz1492256d ago

WTF haters? nobody is forcing anybody to replay through MGS4 again just because it has trophies! it's just an update to refresh an old game and personally, I think this is pure FAN SERVICE!

just think about it! MGS4 sold like 6+mil and bagged them a lot of profit already and MGS5 is also already confirmed! why would they even care to add trophies to the 4 years old MGS4? FAN SERVICE! personally, I am grateful that this is finally happening! MGS4 is simply 1 of my favorite game of all time and now I will bring myself to play it again just for the trophies and I'll have it posted on my profile proudly!

GTAIV didn't have trophies at 1st and I couldn't bring myself to finish it and when the trophies were added, I play it 1 more time and I still can't bring myself to finish it too! I've finished MGS4 3 times and now with trophies? IT CAN'T COME SOON ENOUGH!

Korix2256d ago

To those saying they never gave a release date for trophies and therefore can't have been late - guess what - trophies don't *get* release dates, they are a basic part of every proper PS3 game and are expected to ship along with the game. Any later than release date is late. Stop pretending they can't be blamed for late trophy support. It's like saying CoD can't be blamed for after-release online support. It's such a basic thing that it needs to be there from the start.

Dasteru2255d ago


It would be great if game companies could do the impossible but unfortunately they can't. MGS4 came out in June 08, Trophies weren't patched into the PS3 firmware til July 08.

You may "expect" the impossible but most gamers have enough common sense not to.

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pixelsword2257d ago

*Looks at copy of Resistance: Fall of Man*


*Throws at pet store across the street*

*gets gang-chomped by puppies*

Larry L2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )


Those are the only 3 pre-trophy games I think really deserved to get a trophy update. MGS4, Heavenly Sword and Oblivion.

Heavenly Sword I understand though. It was a victim of the time. Thrashed by the media, not only the game, but PS3 at the time too, and the install base was low. So the game didn't sell great.

But neither Konami nor Bethesda have any excuse (imo) for not adding trophies to these games. There was huge demand for MGS4 trophies, and all Bethesda would've had to do was port over the Live achievments. Not only that but Oblivion has even had a recent re-release (what was it?, last year?), why didn't the PS3 version get trophies then?

But I digress, I'm happy MGS4 is getting trophies now, and I'm going to rebuy the game in a couple days to prepare. Can't wait.

Corepred42256d ago

I will never have as much fun with another game on ps3 as I had with Resistance: Fall of Man. Say what you want but I LOVED that game! COD my ass! RFOM was in my ps3 almost 95% of the time!

roguewarrior2256d ago

@ corepred4

Agreed, Played the shit out of that game. Also the game that got me addicted to online MP

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-GametimeUK-2257d ago

Better late than never, but never late is better.

andibandit2257d ago

took so long because he was busy trying to figure out his own storyline.

Reibooi2257d ago

I actually like the timing to be honest. I loved MGS4 when i played it but it was such a satisfying conclusion that I probably at the time wouldn't have wanted to play it a ton more just to get trophies but now that it's been a few years. I can go back and take my time and do what I want to get the trophies without feeling the pressure to plow through the game to see the story.

I know it doesn't make alot of sense but yeah I like the timing.

t0mmyb0y2256d ago

I'm in the exact same boat as you.

WeskerChildReborned2257d ago

True that, i never really thought MGS4 would get trophys but now, i think it's awesome they are adding them.

ReservoirDog3162256d ago

Haha, true....

Now they need to add trophies to Valkyria Chronicles and rerelease it on the PS Store. They'd sell so much and finally make us (me) really happy.

showtimefolks2256d ago

i started playing like my 5th or 6th play through but now i stopped when trophies launch it will be a special feeling to play

i bet you there will be trophies for 2nd or 3rd play through for not skipping cut scenes

Xenial2256d ago

Never late is better.

tawak2256d ago Show
xtremeimport2256d ago

summary "we just didnt really want to"

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bahabeast2257d ago

i payed $110.00 for this game in 2008 trophies was on NO GAMES still have the cd im gonna play it again

TronEOL2257d ago

Same here. Still have my collectors edition sitting on my shelf. Can't wait to pop it open again and platinum the poop out of this game.


I payed around 150 USD (250 BRL at the time) for the standard version... The game was imported as PS3 games only started releasing here in 2010. With high taxes and the uber demand, the only version available at stores got that high, some people payed even more, but I don't regret getting it on release, it was major fun through single player and the multiplayer held me for some good six months (despite the whole Konami ID matter).

My only regret is that I recently re-played it with my cousin. And actually had a hard time making a no kills, no deaths and no alerts playthrouh... Oh well, not like I really mind playing it again, it's really fun!

SnotyTheRocket2257d ago

I paid $100, the day it came out. Best Buy only had the Collectors Edition, so, I was forced to buy that. Never regretted it. Still have it.

Snookies122257d ago

Woo! Still have my Collector's Edition as well! Sitting up proudly displayed on my dresser, exactly where it should be... Where everyone can see it lol.


vickers5002257d ago

I got the collectors edition as well, but damn, that's how much it was back in the day? I don't remember the price of it when I bought it. Kind of a rip off of a collectors edition compared to todays CEs.

A special box and a making of blu-ray with a soundtrack on it I believe was all that was in there.

For that price these days, you usually get that, plus a really cool and pretty well detailed statue, and two little trinkets (like a belt buckle, a ring, a medallion or some replica of some in-game item), some lithographs or special papers that look like they were hand written, some exclusive (though virtually pointless) dlc, an artbook.

Hell, Deus Ex Human Revolution had the same stuff as MGS4s CE but only cost 10 more dollars than the regular edition I believe.

Collectors editions sure have gotten better over the years it seems.

Jazz41082256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Game stop upgraded everyone who preordered deus to the ce for free. I still can't believe with the 360 out a year ahead of time it still took $ony another year to come up with a trophy program that borrowed heavely from ms idea to make them standard and required in every game. So if you like trophys in your games you need to thank ms for making them standard as its obvious sony wasn't going to go that route when they released and only copied ms since they were successfull. Say what you want but that's the truth 100 percent and every sony fan knows this.

vickers5002256d ago


Go away troll.

KwietStorm2256d ago

Where the hell did you pay $110? I paid $80 for the collector's edition on release.

Agent_00_Revan2256d ago

I paid $8 a few weeks ago. Yes, $8! Since Gamestop doesn't differentiate between regular and collectors on trade in, some poor schmuck was wiling to take the $2.50 trade value. Which means I got it at the $8 used price tag. Still in fantastic condition!

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Spydiggity2257d ago

Save yourself the time. The reason is, "we didn't have time."

we needed an article for that...

fastNslowww2257d ago

It's just pointless now, they should've just waited it out until MGS5.

forevercloud30002257d ago

Its actually a pretty smart(yet calculated move) right now. I find it a bit funny that they decide to give us trophies after recent studies that say that most PS3 players will not play a game without trophies and they would buy a game again simply for trophies.
They know this game was at the top of the list and they will squeeze a few extra thousand from those who sold it and will buy it back now.

I don't care what there reasoning for it now really is though. Just glad I can collect my precious in one of my favorite games. Here is hoping Valkyria Chronicles is next..... ;)

Snookies122257d ago

I think it's nice... After all this time, I haven't played MGS4 in quite a while. It'll give me a very solid reason to go back through it for the tenth time haha.

Tundra2257d ago

I've played through MGS4 3 times. Come August, I'll be playing it again.

_-EDMIX-_2256d ago

though i don't like it as much as MGS3, its a great MGS game none the less. I think out of the 4 MGS, its the weakest in some areas, but in terms of every other game released this gen, its STILL in my top 10 of best games this gen!

I didn't like the bosses, and some of the segments. Other then that, i loved the whole game.

Old Snake in the microwave scene might be one of the most baddest ass moments in gaming! The man was OG'ing it and the way you had to keep pressing that button made you feel like you where OGing it too. Amazing directing and amazing cinematic! The best scenes in that game i can't even say in fear of spoiling it. The ending....Tundra...the ending..OMG Tundra the ending.


Summons752257d ago

Should have left them out, trophies and achievements are the most pointless things I have seen in all my life of gaming, and before someone say "but they add replay value" stop it because they do not. If they did why would so many people play this game over and over again without any trophies or why do people play past generation games without any achievements? It's because you replay a game for enjoyment and love of the game not some intangible reward that dose not mean a things.

TBM2257d ago

can't argue with what you said here, often times i don't care about the trophies or achievement pts. like you said if i replay a game its because i really enjoyed said game.

pixelsword2257d ago

I like them when they are done well; I don't like going around a level the size of a city looking for a few hundred orbs.

I piss on games like that.

Not literally.

Jdoki2257d ago

What's wrong with playing a game over and over, and having something to work towards?

If I play the main game for 50hours, then 25 hours replaying it, and then another 25hours trying to get Trophies... how is that a bad thing?

What I like about Trophies / Achievements is that they make me think about playing games in a different way. I played Crackdown to death, just messing about after the main game was done... but there were some Achievements in there that gave me hours and hours of extra stuff to do that I wouldn't have thought of trying. I didn't care about the arbitrary points value, I just cared about beating a challenge the devs had set.

SAE2257d ago

It is true what you said , some are really crazy about trophies that makes them not wanting to play a game like mgs Just because it doesnt have trophies , these kind of people enjoy collecting stuff instead of enjoying the game ...

But trophies could be usefull if you finished the game , it will encourage you to play It again and do what you missed , it will give you more fun , so i believe that they should unlock the trophies after completing the game then do what you missed by looking at the rest of the trophies ....

TrueGaming2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

I 100% agree with Summons on the fact that this game with or without trophies is worth playing over & over just because it's one of the best games you can buy PERIOD. IMPO I'm not a trophy collector, I generally think they're pointless because trophies don't make me a better gamer & besides I play my games on the hardest difficulty possible & I generally get most of the tropies anyway. I believe I have 2000+ of 'em & just 1 is a platinum ( GOW3 just because I couldn't get enough of that damn game). I'd rather enjoy a game that has brilliant AI, graphics, story, & gameplay that kills me over & over until I beat it for a feeling of personal acheivment rather than a crap load of trophies for doing something that doesn't affect me gameplay wise. But for those that like them ... It's whatever, you like what you like & thats your MO... YEEEAAAAHWAAAAHHHH

AvatarTwasCheesy2257d ago

How unnecessary of a comment, "pointless" is an opinionated term; what's considered pointless to yourself doesn't make it pointless for everyone. Heck, I might as well throw in the word "enjoyment" into that pile, who's to say trophies/achievements don't bring enjoyment? - another opinionated term.

What really bugs me is you saying; "Should have left them out", they easily could have been left out and forgotten for another 4 years but the developers put in work and are understandable enough to think otherwise.

So instead of slandering the integration of trophies for a 4 year-old game, think about the fact that no-one is forcing you to play the game again, you're not being told to acknowledge trophies. Trophies are just there for those who enjoy accomplishing them, not for people to bitch about something which they don't care about and which doesn't effect them or the gameplay experience at all.

Summons752257d ago

see it's funny how you say care, when it's not possible to care about something that dosen't actually have a meaning or actual relevance. In previous generations people did not re-play games because of a trophy or collect the best or hidden things or any special reward they did it because it was fun and enjoyable.

TrueGaming2257d ago

@ CHEESY... why get butt hurt when you're not bright enough to decipher that it's SUMMONS opinion about the subject but he just didn't specify it was in his own view ... You should quit acting like the B!TCH because if you're smart enough to bring up the point about the devs implementing them in after 4 years... then you're should be smart enough to get that he's saying he enjoys the game because its fun to play to play instead of playing it just for the trophies. But yet you came to the conclusion that he's bitching & acting like he's saying he's being forced to play it again when only YOU that came to that a$$ backwards conclusion... In short stay on simple topic instead of trolling someone's comment geek. BTW your entire comment except the middle was unnecessary... YEEEAAAHWAAAHHH

BlackTar1872256d ago

I have been playing games for over 20+ years and i love trophies. I got all the old MGS items bandana optic camo from old games got the big boss emblem for mgs4. I will be going back and playing it for the 6th 7th and 8th times now and will enjoy it because of trophies. I would probably never have played the game again on a ps3 systems without them.

Trophies/ achievements are awesome complaining about them because other people like them and you don't is childish. They do not hamper anything they only add to the experience.

I bet you yell at people for loving a football team too?

Campy da Camper2257d ago

If trophies are pointless then why does every sporting event hand them out to winners? So we should quit having the award ceremony for the Olympics? The athletes should just compete for the love of the game?

That's fine if it your opinion but a lot of people like to receive a medal for doing something they love that can be quite difficult.

Summons752257d ago

That's different, those are tangible, those you actually work for and earn. Completing a tutorial in a game dose not count as dedicating your life to something like Olympic Swimming. People who play sports dedicate their LIFE to that whereas spending 5-40 hours in a game dose not qualify for a reward. Your reward for doing things in a game should be more weapons or armor or skins or know like old games have. Trophies tell you what to look for and how to do it, nothing in FF7 awarded me for getting a Gold Chocobo besides actually getting one that is reward enough for my hard work not some loud annoying DING that tells me I did it and nothing else

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