Medal of Honor: Warfighter HD Alpha Footage Posted Online

Some fresh gameplay of Medal of Honor: Warfighter has been posted online by Youtubers participating. I’m going to assume they were not supposed to do so, so the black bars in the video are hiding all the information that would giveaway their online identity. However, the footage is in 108op and really shows off just how great the game looks. Take a look below.

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Hazmat132261d ago

looks cool might pick it up.

StanLee2261d ago

I'm not sold but I am intrigued. I will give it a try and that's more than I could say before seeing that video.

StayStatic2261d ago

You killed a Black Block

KillerPwned2261d ago

It looks like they really aimed to improve over the first one a lot. Looking forward to this game.

JBSleek2261d ago

Picking this game up for the single player as the first game was really touching. Not a huge fan of the multiplayer but I'll play it to get some achievements.

Ninjamonkey822261d ago

Not liking the perk for seeing threw walls :/ don't give a crap about modern this and that. Skill is in gun on gun and threw use of sound. This just distracts and removes that.

Tonester9252261d ago

Did you play the new Ghost Recon? haha

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