Leaked Alpha Gameplay for Medal of Honor Warfighter Shows Controllable Chopper, "Spec Ops" Vision

GR: "These two leaked multiplayer videos for Medal of Honor Warfighter's Alpha trial shows a controllable chopper and how "Spec Ops" vision works."

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r212073d ago

damn it EA how are you gonna get some interested buyers if you remove the videos :L

Hufandpuf2073d ago

Who wants their potential buyers to see their game in alpha stage?

r212073d ago

i'd have to assume the graphics are in alpha stages but the gameplay should remain the same in both alpha and full version. gameplay is what defines games and keeps potential buyers locked in.

WeskerChildReborned2073d ago

Ikr, if anything, leaked info is good for certain games.

Crazyglues2073d ago (Edited 2073d ago )

New Link up - get it while the getting is good.. LoL



neutralgamer192073d ago

Medal of Honor was a decent game but a let down in many respects. It felt rushed so im on the fence with warfighter.