Is Konami trolling us with these awful Metal Gear Rising screens?

Konami has released some new Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance screens. They're so egregiously bad that we're convinced they're either a mistake or designed to troll us.

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Snookies121956d ago

Lol, the one with the box is hilarious...

gaffyh1956d ago

What exactly is wrong with any of these screens? They're not awful at all.

slimpickens1956d ago

Pic 5 sucks but the rest look good by me.

Kurylo3d1956d ago

because they look like they have graphics from a ps2 game. Infact metal gear solid 2 looked better then some of these screenshots.

deep_fried_bum_cake1955d ago


I think you may have gotten too used to this generations graphics as you clearly don't remember what PS2 graphics were like (in most cases).

ApplEaglElephant1955d ago

then i pressed view full screen. holy shit they are bad on my 22 inch screen. wonder how it would look on my 50 inch plasmna9

irepbtown1955d ago

Maybe the screens are from the PS2 version of the game :D

But I think they're trolling us. Or hinting that it will be open world game. Though I dont know how they could pull that off.

Autodidactdystopia1955d ago

Oh these Awful, Awful screens OMG

If you look closely you can see that on the right leg in the third pictures' Uvw unwrap procedure was done incorrectly, resulting in a 1 pixel shift and 1mm to scale loss of symmetry Oh wow this is worse than i thought, they are definitely trolling.
last time i saw work so amateur, I was in hamburg germany at the batteries not included convention.

ha ha its so awful, they are so! tROLL'in us Only an idiot would look at that and say, thats better than all of you could do

and only a super idiot would say thats just merely a clipping issue and everything about that work exudes professionalism, and that the department responsible for clipping in a game engine is not hideo kojima but likely the super genius he's got hired who also happens to be the only person in the studio who can rewrite the hundreds of heroglyphic lines of code needed to correct such a minor issue.

These guys are definitely trolling, Ive never seen such Awful work, this is terrible... i mean they couldnt just move the box? and fix this blasphemy.
Pic 5 Is Soo rediculously bad and not to mention how bad the rest of it is, they should have learned to utilize the power of the PS3 that is still untapped then these screens wouldnt be so AWFUL My goodness they have to be trolling because if they arent then im not buying this game. so much untapped power that the developers need to get experience with so that they can make these screens not look awful.

Man they are so trolling all of us, MAN! this is so bad, so awful. I mean come on. theyll release the new screens soon that show the real power of the ps3!

LastDance1955d ago

The pictures suck because the game looks terrible.

joab7771955d ago

We all know what gets talked about. And they know that people will go see how good it really looks. But it gets attention and gets us blogging about it.

ChrisW1955d ago

Screen shots are always hints as to what the game is suppose to be like.

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SPAM-FRITTER-1231955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

the 5th screen shot is from the PS3 verion IMO. you can tell just by the look of the the jagged edges.

roadkillers1955d ago (Edited 1955d ago )

Who who haha!! You guys are funny.

xtremeimport1955d ago

literally zero interest in this game.

GuyThatPlaysGames1955d ago

Typical hack-n-slash game with Metal Gear stamped on it.

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jc485731956d ago

KP got nowhere with this game and we all know time means money. I doubt Konami had plans to turn this into a high budget title, especially when time has already been wasted.

pandehz1956d ago

Hehe thats a nice screenshot actually.

Is that thing what I think it is?

LackTrue4K1955d ago

Tell me..... "what it is you thinking of, that you think it is?!"

sjaakiejj1956d ago

can't really see anything wrong with all screenshots but the fifth...

Irishguy951956d ago (Edited 1956d ago )

Whoever made the title is genius, this is sure to attract a ****load of heat, only to find out there is nothing actually wrong/ Yeah besides the 5th

Actually in the first, the box is supposed to be over him. Thought it was cut up at first but guess not, just a big clipping issue

sjaakiejj1956d ago

Now that you mention it, and I see a floating car in another picture. None of these seem worthy of the title though, these are just development oddities. If they appear a lot in the final game we might have something to talk about, but at this point...

BinaryMind1955d ago

On the other hand, if you like staring at Raiden's ass I'm sure these are fantastic screenshots.

NewZealander1955d ago

well staring at raidens ass will be a lot more enjoyable then old snakes ground humping ass from MGS4 EWWW!

Run_bare1956d ago

Why don't they just concentrate on ZOE 3. The last game was MGS 4 in June 2008, it's been 4+ years now and stop recycling all games for HD, I need some new contents.

HammadTheBeast1956d ago

zone of the Enders was amazing.

RGB1956d ago

You obviously forgot about Peace Walker.

Run_bare1955d ago

No, not forget, I don't have a PSP as I was waiting for Vita at the time.

Summons751955d ago

Rising is being made by Platinum Games, KP just has control story and to make sure they keep to metal gear vibe. ZOE3 will most likely depend on how well the HD collection sells