OUYA: The End of PC Dominance?

GTMAM: These are special times in the gaming world. We might just be seeing a changing of the guard, a rebirth of what was dying. For far too long big corporations with greedy hands have been hogging licences and shutting the public out from their devices. The word open-source is like a screaming baby in a five star restaurant to most CEO’s ears. They cringe at the thought of free to play and mock indie game development, but now a new platform where everyone can be the developer is on the horizon: OUYA. And there is a chance it might just steal the PC’s thunder.

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getthem2346d ago

To be honest, I dont see this going much of anywhere. Seems like pipe dreams.

floetry1012346d ago

It'll become a niche item. This is like every great Little Big Planet community level you played. An open development platform is hugely powerful for some people. I sincerely hope it succeeds.

Yi-Long2346d ago

... it WILL be a great alternative for current dedicated media-boxes next to the TV, as this one should be able to function as a great media-box, as well as play emulators and original Android games.

It has ALOT of potential.

If it will be able to live up to that potential, is anybody's guess.

Hellsvacancy2346d ago

I shall buy one, its sounds like a cool idea, its cheap thats, whats appealing

geth1gh2346d ago

Yea, they are completley off their rockers. But hey, a crazy mislead article wanting to grab for attention? What's new on n4g....

You can have open source all day long but it's not gonna get you anywhere if you don't have the power of a mid to high end pc, which they don't.

So very misleading, and if this was the case wouldn't indie xbox live arcade or whatever have taken off and stomped pcs by now??

lol, gotta love journalism these days.

Azurite2346d ago

Well... it's pretty much a cheap HTPC with a controller, so wouldn't call it "The End of PC Dominance".

MWH2346d ago

what a Stupid title.

pandehz2346d ago

Lol author is flame baiting

Of course OUYA cant do any dmg to PC gaming, its hardware is not capable.

Its a neat idea but its not meant to overthrow anyone lo.
Lol author must have thought 'woohoo I just discovered the bestest title' lmao

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

This a bigger threat to console than pc as it's about not being a closed console. High end pc vs Phone games.. ok
Also it's not really a threat to consoles.
I like the idea of an open console but OUYA only has 30,000+ supporters.

If there will be an open console aimed at console gamers I think valve should do it.

Valve doesn't push pc graphics so them making a console won't hurt pc gaming.

Summons752346d ago

Ouya is going to be the dirt on my shoe in the eyes of the gaming industry. They maybe have 30K+ people who are terribly irresponsible with their money but it has no dev support and with their claim of everything free to play they have no way to make a profit outside of the system sales. Ouya is a complete joke and to think it's a threat to anything is just silly

Fishy Fingers2346d ago

Either this dude is stupid, or just desperate for some hits. I'm inclined to think a little of both, perhaps favouring the stupid.

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The story is too old to be commented.