GTA V and real world flying cars

Product-Reviews writes: Innovation with automobiles – when it comes to auto technology the last year has seen a massive push towards flying cars, and we’ve seen innovation in the real world, which included The Transition and PAL-V flying cars. We know not every gamer will like this in GTA V, but considering Rockstar confirmed planes are returning and that they’ll also include other flying contraptions in the massive airspace, why shouldn’t we have cars that fly as well like in the real world?

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danswayuk2347d ago

Seen these flying cars make a lot of progress in the real world over the last year, and they would be cool in GTA 5, especially considering the bigger airspace.

ricky3602347d ago

Bring on the flying cars, we don't have mods on the Xbox 360.

goldwyncq2347d ago

San Andreas had a damn jetpack, I don't see the problem with flying cars.

black9112347d ago

San andreas was a timed ps2 exclusive. GTA4 was the first game that wasnt. DMC 1-3 was a ps2 exclusive. DMC4 was the first on xbox.See a pattern

beerkeg2347d ago

What does that have to do with this article?

Wenis2347d ago

I want GTA V to have every vehicle imaginable.

GaryOak2347d ago

Same here.Uh,except this one...

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