[Gaming Evolution] Starhawk Review

The Starhawk Universe is set in the distant future out in the far reaches of Space where two factions a colony of humans known as the Rifters, and the Outcast, a ruthless species of humans mutated into psychotic monsters by the Rift Energy, a dangerous resource both factions are battling over. Starhawk puts the player in the boots of Emmett Graves a hired gunslinger ostracised from society due to his own exposure to Rift Energy, leaving him partially mutated, but still able to retain his humanity. Taking on the powerful role of Graves the player will be drawn back to his home settlement of White Sands on the planet Dust to face a mysterious outlaw and his band of Outcast warriors to only find out that this assignment may mean more to him than he could ever imagine. He will soon find out that his family is involved in the clash between the Outcast and the Rifters and therefore must decide between those close to him and those he swore to protect.

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The game itself didn't fail in what it was trying to convey to audiences. I think it boiled down to not enough marketing support behind thee xperience by Sony and gamers unwillingness to play something thats='s different from the likes of Battlefield, Call of Duty, Gears of War, etc.

The game will pick up steam once its digitized and when people realize the gem they are missing with this game.